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...browsers! (drumroll) The day we all waited (and feared) has finally arrived. The project is in business (read: online) and the whole team bids you a warm welcome on our website. I shall start now with a small(ish) summary/ glossary/ map of the stuff you're bound to find during your stay here. Probably the most visited area on any automotive website's agenda is the NEWS section. Our section has been cut into AUTO (which includes areas like CAR PROFILE, CONCEPT CAR, AUTO EVENTS, U-TURN and RECALLS), MOTO, TUNING, SAFETY, STARS & CARS, INDUSTRY and TECH & TOYS.

First by begging my pardon for the amount of statistical information which I'm about to provide, here's a compilation of what each and every news category and sub-category means. In the AUTO section you're only going to find specific news about a certain car or other four-wheeled vehicle (well, maybe except ATVs and Quads). CAR PROFILE will be filled with new (and old) car news, while the CONCEPT CAR sub-category will be home to every crazy or stupid prototype we spot for your viewing pleasure. In AUTO EVENTS we'll be discussing any automotive event that's worth mentioned, from international motor shows to special car launches, the U-TURN area will take care of all the “OMG WTF!” and other exclamation inducing stories, while the RECALLS will keep you up to date on the latest vehicle recalls taking place in the automotive world.

Organ donors and two-wheel enthusiasts in general have not been forgotten, with the MOTO news area being the place where the latest motorcycle news are gathered, while the TUNING area will be a provider of news about all major tuners in the world. Since SAFETY is an increasing concern among car enthusiasts everywhere, we are also providing a special news section about this field, which comes as an extra to our CRASH TEST data base, that consists of results from the four major crash testing organizations in the world.

Yuppies and celebrity followers with a weakness for cars can keep up to date about their favorite idols in the STARS & CARS news section, which is spread into ARTISTS, SPORTSMEN, POLITICIANS and VIP. The readers which are mainly into "merger & aquisitions", car sales and general INDUSTRY news also have news area for their own personal pleasure. Last but not least, our news section also has a TECH & TOYS area, where you can find the latest car-related toys in GADGETS, or the most interesting technical novelties in TECHNOLOGY.

With the NEWS completed, it's time to switch our vehicle data base, where you can find CARS, MOTORCYCLES and TRUCKS from all ages, with comprehensive technical details for each engine, optional features, pictures, wallpapers, brand history and a short presentation for each and every model. Since we're actually pretty proud of it [/end moment of narcissism], we will try to keep it up-to-date to the very four (or two) wheeled addition. The TESTDRIVE area is a section that couldn't miss from any respectable automotive website, so we acted accordingly, but not quite. Trying to be a little different, we will cover tests of both new AND used cars, as to gather a test-drive data base that should be useful to new car and second hand car buyers everywhere.

Just like any ship captain, almost every vehicle owner would like to keep a diary, or should we say LOGBOOK of his pride and joy, for himself but to also read about other people's problems with their wheeled possessions. We can provide a place for that also, powered by our exhaustive VEHICLE data base. Our SPORT section covers every major motorsport league in the world. We have comprehensive news, histories, calendars, teams, drivers, standings and results from WRC, FORMULA ONE, GRAND PRIX 2, A1 GRAND PRIX, FIA WTCC, DTM, INDYCAR, NASCAR, NHRA, MOTO GP and WORLD SUPERBIKE.

As for the other sections on our website, the EDITORIAL area is pretty self-explanatory, while the COVERSTORY corner will provide you with a continuously updated number of stories related to the automotive industry in one way or another. We haven't forgotten our feminine readers, which have a special section very obviously entitled GIRLS ONLY, while our more technically-challenged users can learn a thing or two in the AUTO GUIDE area.

The GLOSSARY section will give you insight into specific automotive terms like ESP or ABS, while the NEWSLETTER is a must if you intend to be kept up-to-date to the future development of the site. Also, the CAR FINDER is pretty self-explanatory, you can use it to search various vehicles in our humongous [/end self-bragging again] data base. In the end, if you want to drop me or any member of the team behind autoevolution a line of feedback, you can do it by using the super duper special contact forms to be found under each of our descriptions in the EDITORIAL TEAM area. I and my colleagues welcome you to our little slice of automotive heaven (yes, vanity is one of my middle names) and we hope you will become a regular visitor.
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Alex handled his first real steering wheel at the age of five (on a field) and started practicing "Scandinavian Flicks" at 14 (on non-public gravel roads). Following his time at the University of Journalism, he landed his first real job at the local franchise of Top Gear magazine a few years before Mircea (Panait). Not long after, Alex entered the New Media realm with the project.
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