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Genius Creates Custom Setup Making CarPlay Look So Yesterday

In theory, getting Android Auto or CarPlay in a car that didn’t ship with such capabilities typically comes down to a head unit upgrade. However, it goes without saying this involves more money to be invested in the whole thing.
3D printed iPad bracket 5 photos
3D printed bracket for iPad3D printed bracket for iPad3D printed bracket for iPad3D printed bracket for iPad
Others, however, go for different approaches, such as a custom dash that allows a tablet to double as a head unit or a 3D printed bracket for an iPad, which would eventually provide access to everything the driver needs.

The latter example is the one we’re going to highlight today, as someone on reddit detailed a very simple DYI project that allowed them to get a bigger screen for navigation and music without the need for a new head unit.

It was all possible with a custom-built 3D-printed bracket that just attaches to the CD and cassette radio, basically using the available slots to stay in place on the console. While it’s hard to say how securely the tablet is fitted into place, everything looks pretty neat, especially because the iPad only covers the old-school radio the driver doesn’t want to use anymore.

In theory, there’s nothing they’re losing, especially because an iPad provides access to the entire App Store where they can find music apps, navigation tools, and pretty much everything they’d need in a car.

The driving-optimized experience is powered by Car OS, a dedicated iOS app available for download free of charge and offering extra capabilities in exchange for a subscription.

Needless to say, a 3D-printed bracket for an iPad is something anyone can do at a fairly low price, though you must make sure it perfectly fits your dash before anything else.

The project you see here is living proof a simple approach to replace CarPlay doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Still, it does come with the big inconvenient of having to always take the iPad with you when leaving the car.


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