Genesis Opens First Dedicated Showroom in Seoul, More to Follow

Had you told somebody ten years ago that Korean automaker Hyundai was going to spawn a luxury sub-brand, they would have probably choked laughing. But with a very sound growth strategy that paid dividends over the years, Hyundai is now one of the most respected brands, and also one of the top sellers.
First Genesis showroom in Seoul 1 photo
Late last year, the Koreans announced that they would split the product line in two, basically turning the Genesis model into the creator of a separate brand that would later host other new vehicles as well. It's too early to say whether it was a wise move or not as Hyundai's plan continues to unfold. After the official launch of the first model, the Genesis G90, the luxury brand is now opening its first ever dedicated showroom.

More than anything else, Genesis is regarded as an image vector for the core brand, so these premium cars need a special place to be exhibited in outside of Hyundai's regular showrooms. The first location chosen for this purpose was a newly constructed culture and shopping complex in a wealthy Seoul suburb, a place considered appropriate for the brand's ambitions.

The company says it will follow up with more similar locations throughout the country and abroad, but the statement didn't include any specific places or a more detailed timeframe. Still, don't expect Genesis to build up an expensive network of independent dealerships yet, as that would necessitate a substantial initial investment.

Instead, the luxury brand will use this boutique-like approach to convey its values to the public. “You will see more exciting brand spaces to come in the near future,” said Manfred Fitzgerald, head of the Genesis. “This space, located in a busy area, will serve to introduce our brand, and to raise visitors’ curiosity around it.”

Genesis has only launched two models so far, but it plans to increase that number to six by 2020. The G90 limousine and the G80 midsize sedan will be joined by their G70 compact sibling, and a coupe and two crossovers are also planned to complete the six-vehicle lineup. The price for the base model G90 on the US market has just been announced at $68,100, but the Korean sedan can brag with the best selection of standard equipment in its class, plus a healthy 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine good for 365 hp, so buyers will get a lot of bang for their bucks. Luxury bang, that is.


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