Generation X Drivers Most Likely to Use Cells

Although at first sight you would be tempted to think that Generation Y (also known as the Millenials) drivers are more irresponsible behind the wheel than the Generation X ("baby bust" generation born after Worl War II) motorists, a study made in Australia on New South Wales drivers comes up with some interesting results.

The survey conducted by the NRMA Insurance and revealed by shows that Generation X motorists are more prone to cell use than the Generation Y drivers. More than half of the Generation X drivers admitted using their cells while behind the wheel. The percentage is made of the motorists who use a handset or hands-free technology as well.

"Although many mobile phone users do tend to use hands-free technology while driving, the conversation always has the potential to distract the driver from what is happening on the road," NRMA Insurance spokesman John Hallal explained. "If you lose focus while behind the wheel, even if it is only for a split second, the consequences can be serious."

As for Generation Y drivers, the survey reveals they are more cautious when it comes to speaking on their phones while driving. 38 percent of Gen Y motorists admitted they were using their cell when behind the wheel.

"We are encouraging all drivers to stop in a safe place to make a call or send a text and then continue the drive with your mind focused on negotiating the traffic," added Hallal who thinks that the figures are alarming.

The reasons for the irresponsible behavior behind the wheel could be found in people's busy lifestyles. Because nowadays people have busy schedules, they tend to use every minute of their lives to solve problems.

"We are, therefore, reminding NSW drivers that a busy lifestyle should not compromise safe driving habits," Hallal said.

Regarding the differences between male and female drivers, the study also shows that women are more responsible when driving than men - 29 percent compared to 36 percent.
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