GAS Creates Unique Halo "Warthog" Inspired SVT Raptor

After playing through more than a decade's worth of Halo games, you probably dream of one day becoming a real Master Chief, fighting the aliens of the Covenant with your snazzy energy weapons and plasma cannons.
Halo "Warthog" Inspired SVT Raptor 5 photos
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Halo "Warthog" Inspired SVT RaptorHalo "Warthog" Inspired SVT RaptorHalo "Warthog" Inspired SVT RaptorHalo "Warthog" Inspired SVT Raptor
For anti-infantry missions, a rugged and fast offroader like the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, abbreviated as the M12 LRV, is ideal More commonly referred to as "The Warthog", this virtual killing machine is supposed to run on iquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE.

We're not even sure what that is, but we do know it doesn't exist in the real world. What does exist in the real world is this Halo inspired SVT Ford Raptor, and that's because Galpin Auto Sports built one. It's going off as a Halo 4 Infinity Challenge grand prize soon, and we thought it was particularly awesome.

It's wrapped in the same colors as an 'actual' Warthog and even features the official logo of the United Nations Space Command. The truck still runs on gas, but has been Whipple supercharged to 611-horsepower.

No guns perhaps, but the rear seats double up as a gaming center. One lucky and extremely good pro gamer out there will have this in his garage. Let's just hope he has a driving license and the right to own a truck like this wherever he's from!

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