Garmin vívoactive 3 Smartwatch Guides Mercedes Drivers to a Stress-Free Journey

As a side note to the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, technology company Garmin presented a special version of its flagship smartwatche, the vívoactive 3 GPS, tailored exclusively for Mercedes drivers.
Garmin vívoactive 3 smartwatch to be offered to Mercedes buyers 1 photo
In this case, the smartwatch is much more than a simple accessory to be sold to car buyers. Garmin and Mercedes worked together to integrate the former’s Garmin Health Companion SDK with the latter’s Mercedes me app to create a unique experience for future Mercedes owners.

More to the point, the watch will monitor its wearer’s vital signs – like stress levels and heart rate – and feed it to the car’s app, which in turn will make a variety of recommendations such as potentially less stressful routes, all with the goal of making drivers and passengers feel “relaxed even during demanding or monotonous journeys.“

For the hypochondriacs, the data received by the smartwatch, especially the pulse rate, can be projected onto the media display of the car.

In the future, Garmin says the capabilities of the system will expand to include altering the conditions in the car to suit the driver’s mood, to command new-type seat massages when the driver is stressed, and even change the interior fragrance and ambiance lighting. All, of course, based on the data received by the smartwatch.

The pairing of the two technologies is the result of the Fit & Healthy project first shown at CES 2017 by the two companies. It will become available to buyers in March, as part of Mercedes’ ENERGIZING Package, for a yet undisclosed price.

Mercedes and Garmin are currently working on research studies meant to highlight how such a crossover between technologies can use “ vital parameters appropriately not only in terms of well-being, but also to help encourage road awareness.”

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