Garishly-Modified Mercedes Benz E 300 Cabrio Found in China

Pimped out Mercedes-Benz E 300 Cabrio 3 photos
Photo: CarNewsChina
Pimped out Mercedes-Benz 300 E CabrioPimped out Mercedes-Benz 300 E Cabrio
 We're guessing that driving a Mercedes-Benz in China - especially a red convertible one - can give one a sense of accomplishment, of pride for the ability to afford and indulge in such a comfortable and expensive vehicle among all the other Chinese copies or simply POS cars on the road.
One Chinese Mercedes-Benz owner decided to share the pride in himself with all the rest of the traffic participants, transforming his car into what is now probably the international beacon of three-pointed star gaudiness found on any road.

If there was a common sense police for modified Mercedes-Benz cars, the owner of this E 300 Cabrio should probably be put behind bars.

We realize we are talking about a totally different culture than the one found in Western Society and dragon imagery has always been popular in China, but there really is no excuse for putting a aerodynamic dragon wing on a convertible Mercedes. Not ever.

Story via CarNewsChina
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