Garia 2 Hits the Market of Golf Cars

It is often believed that if you are a golf addict you are a rich man. Quite true we might say and this might also be the reason why Garia has taken its golf car to the next level.

According to, the company came into the limelight with Garia 2, a special golf car inspired by the trends in world class car design. Particular attention has been paid to the details and to the materials the golf car maker has used for its new model. The Garia 2 is meant to be "powerful yet elegant" and to attract rich golf players who appreciate a stylish golf car. The interior has been "meticulously" designed to fit the most demanding tastes.

More importantly, besides the good looks, the Garia 2 is said to be extremely comfortable as well and will allow the players to properly focus on the game they enjoy so much. Luxury features include aluminum steering wheel, slim pedal design, hand-sewn seats, additional leg room and greater overall cabin comfort.

Don't worry if the colors you see in the photo don't match with your golf clubs... or tastes as Garia says buyers can choose to customize the colors for the body and seats according to their preferences.

So far nothing is known about what price such a golf delight could reach, but we have a feeling that some golf tycoons are in the target. Unfortunately for the company, we are not golf addicts but Tiger Woods might feel extremely happy to hear about the innovative golf car.

As for the Danish company that has created it, Garia company was founded to "develop the most exclusive golf car in the world". Their intention is to design elegant golf cars to live up to the expectations of the game's players all over the word.


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