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Game-Changing BYD Electric School Bus Can Also Be Used as a Clean Power Source

BYD stands for “Build Your Dreams” and it is a Chinese electric vehicle company with nearly three decades of experience in the field. Its dream is to create a zero-emission ecosystem powered by clean energy, and its latest product is one great step in that direction: an electric school bus for the U.S., which can also serve as a power storage resource when not in use.
BYD Type A School Bus 6 photos
BYD Type D Electric School BusBYD Type D Electric School BusBYD Electric BusBYD Electric BusBYD Electric Bus
The school bus is called Type A and it is the manufacturer’s second model, with the first one, the Type D, being introduced last year. In addition to being a no-emissions vehicle, the Type A offers BYD’s vehicle-to-grid technology, featuring bi-directional charging capability. What that means is that when not in use, the bus can be charged (for instance, overnight), and that clean energy can then be fed into the classroom during school hours. That way, when the bus is parked, it can keep classrooms well-lit and students and teachers plugged in, as explained by Samuel Kang, BYD Head of Total Technology Solution.

With a capacity of seating up to 30 people, the Type A electric school bus is available in several length options: 26.7 ft (8.1 m), 24.5 ft (7.4 m), and 22.9 ft (6.9 m). It offers a range of up to 140 miles (225 km) on a single charge and it is equipped with an ADA liftgate capable of lifting 800 lb. (362 kg), which makes it suitable for transporting passengers with disabilities.

The battery of the bus offers 150 kW DC fast charging and 19.2 kW single-phase AC charging.

As safety is of paramount importance in a school bus, the Type A comes packed with all the standard features but throws something extra into the mix: a Predictive Stop Arm that monitors approaching traffic and lets the student know when it is safe to cross the street.

There’s no mention of the price of the Type A school bus but BYD encourages potential customers to contact the company for more information.

Editor's note: Image gallery contains photos of BYD's other electric buses, including the Type D school bus

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