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NAVist III - More Than A GPS

Although they usually consist of an MP3 player and up to 8 speakers, in-car entertainment systems are often standard features on new cars, with more advanced devices available as optional. However, the folks at HS Networks unveiled a complete car navigation system, dubbed NAVist III, which provides many other functions than the ones usually offered by a GPS unit. The device is a fully-featured entertainment system, with external hard disk drive and large display showing video files stored on both HDD and DVD.

The external hard disk drive lets you disconnect the storage device and connect it to your computer in order to transfer music and movies for playing them while driving. Moreover, NAVist III includes a 7-inch display which requires 2DIN space in your dashboard.

In case additional storage space is required, the device also features an SD card slot besides the already mentioned external HDD connector. And speaking of connectivity, the navigation system also integrates a USB 2.0 port that allows you to transfer data from and to external sources in a matter of seconds.

In terms of radio functions, NAVist III comes with AM/FM onboard tuner integrating a 5x50W amplifier plus Bluetooth connectivity for wireless connections to your phone or MP3 player. Beside all of these, the multimedia features are completed by an iPod cable which lets you connect the iPod and stream music or video files straight on the LCD display.

Unfortunately, there's no word on its price yet but the whole NAVist package will most likely be sold for a few hundreds dollars, taking into account that it features a large LCD screen combined with external storage capacity and Bluetooth compatibility.


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