G81 BMW M3 Touring Unofficially Drops Its Camouflage Glasses, Gets Squinty Eyes

G81 BMW M3 Touring unofficial rendering by 14 photos
Photo: / Instagram
G81 BMW M3 Touring unofficial rendering by j.b.carsG81 BMW M3 Touring unofficial rendering by j.b.carsBMW design project renderings by j.b.carsBMW design project renderings by j.b.carsBMW design project renderings by j.b.cars2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)2023 BMW M3 Touring (G81)
Now that some of the hype surrounding BMW's most recent polemics subject regarding the styling of flagships like the X7 LCI (Life Cycle Impulse equals facelift), i7, and 7 Series has vaned (not!), people can go back to their other favorite topic of Bavarian controversy: the humongous M3 grille. After all, a Touring is looming on the horizon.
Probably ready to cost supercar money, the 2023 BMW M3 CSL recently hit the Nürburgring Nordschleife to pop its spy photography cherry, but some folks are still more interested in feisty family affairs. As such, it should be no wonder that BMW's upcoming M3 Touring station wagon has remained a darling of the virtual automotive artist world, especially when pixel masters are throwing digital BMW i7/7 Series stuff left and X7 right...

Since the initial debut of the latter flagship SUV and the subsequent introduction of the limousine and EV sedan counterparts, the virtual realm has been assaulted by CGI reinterpretations – some for the better, others for the much worse. But there was also one pixel master that sought to stand out in a feisty, grocery-getting family/soccer mom SUV crowd.

The virtual artist better known as on social media has done yet another quick makeover that does not make a lot of OEM sense, but some people still like it. And, after presenting us with the vision of a 2023 BMW 760i Touring that looked better than the real sedan deal, the CGI expert is now applying the same design ethos as seen on the hypothetical X7 LCI that got rid of the split-headlights cause of controversy with a virtual smile.

G81 BMW M3 Touring unofficial rendering by j\.b\.cars
Photo: / Instagram
However, the G81 BMW M3 Touring with skinny headlights is a hit and miss with the fans. Some appreciated the unofficial makeover idea, while others made fun of it for being too Citroen-like or outright dismissing it as something that will never happen. Well, I would not hold my breath for such a treatment on the official M GmbH station wagon, but I also have a feeling that all bets will be off when it is time for the seventh-generation 3 Series LCI and subsequent, sixth-generation M3 upgrade.

Alas, a lot of water will go downstream and under the humongous double-coffin grille by then, especially since BMW has not even officially presented us with the G81 M3 Touring. A lot of time has passed since the Bavarians first hinted that the feisty family car was happening, and they are still just teasing us with portions of the five-door body.

Well, hopefully, all the waiting will be worth it, and the quick grocery getter will be a hoot both on the street and at the track – enough so that it will make people forget the B9 Audi RS 4 Avant even existed well before it…

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Editor's note: Gallery includes other recent BMW projects by the same author and official teaser images for G81 BMW M3 Touring.

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