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Futuristic Granturismo 65 Concept Looks the Way Italian Superyachts Should, Fast
In the spirit of Italian Month, we are working on bringing you some of the most exhilarating and disruptive green, white, and red designs around. This one is a yacht concept like none other before it.

Futuristic Granturismo 65 Concept Looks the Way Italian Superyachts Should, Fast

Granturismo 65 Concept InteriorGranturismo 65 ConceptGranturismo 65 Concept InteriorGranturismo 65 ConceptGranturismo 65 ConceptGranturismo 65 ConceptGranturismo 65 ConceptGranturismo 65 Concept Interior
What you’re witnessing is known as the Granturismo 65. It’s currently a conceptual design from Studio Vafiadis, a prolific yacht design team out Rome, Italy. This group saw its first appearance on the market back in 1980, and since then have been implicated in countless vessels, some aimed at luxury, some aimed at versatility, and others, towards downright speed.

The vessel you'll be experiencing today isn’t one that you’ll find for charter or even be able to take a tour upon, but the Granturismo 65 does showcase cutting edge design, and a vessel, that if ever commissioned by some lucky owner, is sure to attract the eyes of folks that don’t even have anything to do with yachting.

When I first saw this vessel, I realized that I had seen it before. Where? Simple, in my dreams. With sharp lines and edges countered by curved panels, the 65 looks like it’s meant for nothing else other than speed. However, it is a superyacht, and luxury is also part of the mix.

Now, the manufacturer’s website includes nothing on the design except these images, and my phone calls aren’t making it through to the studio, so for now, this vessel will only stand as a dream. Hopefully someone reads this, has the bucks for such a design and build, and gets to work. If you do, please send me some photos of you living it up on this craft.

By moving the superstructure towards the bow of the ship, the designers create ample exterior deck space, but also give the 65 its menacing look. One deck includes a massive swimming pool with 12 lounge pads offer a perfect place to get your tan on as this space is not covered at all by the superstructure above. A lounge area with tons of floor space for personalization or dancing is also visible on this deck.

One deck up and you’ll see that things get a bit smaller and more private. Here, a small hot tub with only six lounge chairs and another al fresco lounge is visible. What may be hidden in the bow of this deck remains uncertain.

Because luxury and downright relaxation is part of the design, the 65 is equipped with several features aimed at nothing more than opulence. Aft, a beach deck is available with what looks to be access to a toy and tender garage or possibly a gym.

Now, I have a question for you. Do you know what will be waiting for you once you get to the top of the world? Well, except for a thinner atmosphere, you’ll also find a lounge with your name on it and a wide screen with projector. In the case of the 65 that lounge also cradles you in leather. That’s what you’ll find atop this vessel.

For the interior, Studio Vafiadis only includes a couple of ideas that may help spark a future owner’s imagination. Minimalist and clean-cut cues are signature here as well. But furnishings offer rounded shapes and edges as to counterbalance the rest of the ship.

Even though there is no information on what sort of other features or tricks the Granturismo 65 may have up its sleeve, the design itself is...yeah, no words. If you were to ever see it on open waters, you’d definitely stare a bit, possibly even drool, I know I would.

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