Future Royal Kate Middleton Can't Keep Both Hands on Steering Wheel

Just as more and more studies show that driving and mobile phones simply don't mix, here comes in Prince William's sweetheart to prove us wrong. The future royal was spotted yesterday by British tabloid The Sun talking to her cell phone and driving her Audi A3 down a country road.

A big no-no by every standard, this comes in as a big blow to Kate, who has more or less held a good girl public image. And it's even worse that the media picked up on it and is now giving her hell about it.

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents was quoted as saying “Using a mobile while driving is extremely dangerous and has cost numerous lives. Drivers are four times more likely to crash if they are on their mobiles. People get sucked more and more into conversations and less on what is going on around them on the road (...) We urge Kate Middleton, and others, to realize the misery that is caused. It's extremely sad, no matter who it is, that people are not getting the message”.

So while the media is having a field day roasting Kate who, up to now, seemed to live a squeaky-clean life, with her on-again-off-again royal Prince, other people are getting in line to take a shot at the 26-year old girl.

A bystander who actually saw her driving said that she was driving rather quickly, and although the road isn't very busy, it's very narrow in certain points which means you have to concentrate on the road to know what's coming round the corner.

Right now, in Britain, it's illegal to drive and talk on the mobile phone without a hands-free kit and the fine for such an infraction is a 60 pound fine and a 3-point penalty. The Sun goes a bit further with suppositions and claims that if Kate had caused an accident while driving and talking on the phone, she could have gone to jail.

So remember kids, talking on your cell while driving is NOT cool, so don't do it. And also, stay in school and off drugs.
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