Future Motorcycles Could Have 3D Printed Parts

It looks more and more that what seemed to be a Star Trek-only stunt years ago is becoming reality: 3D printed parts being integrated in everyday tools and machinery... motorcycles included.
Future Motorcycles Could Have 3D Printed Parts 1 photo
Jom Kor is one of the pioneers in the field of printed automotive industry: he designed Urbee, the first 3D printed transportation vehicle. Still far from the first production models, Kor's endeavor has opened new possibilities.

It's not about entirely printed vehicles, and in our case, motorcycles, but about the possibility to create certain parts faster and cheaper. Jim Kor believes that the capability to update various bodywork and structural elements with reduced costs is one of the key elements in the progress of the industry.

Numerous parts in a motorcycle are machined on injection molded, and changing the required additional changes not only in the design stage, but in the very machines producing them: new molds, new CNC routines and so on. They're expensive and often require additional modifications: this makes change an even more expensive process.

Using the 3D printing technology, manufacturers could have a new opportunity to integrate their new designs in the current production lines easier and cheaper, ensuring the new parts can be retrofitted perfectly. The same, yet so different... and a future which seems really bright and interesting. A detailed explanation of the 3D printing technology can be found here.
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