Future Collectables: Germans Cars from 2010 - 2019 That Could Be Modern Classics

Future Collectables: Germans Cars from 2010 - 2019 That Could Be Modern Classics 6 photos
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Volkswgen SciroccoBMW M2Mercedes-AMG C63 wagon2011 Audi A1 clubsport
Just like art or stocks, buying cars as an investment is only easy if you're rich. Porsche 918 Spyder, 911 R, SLR Black Series - these are all very collectible and likely to increase in value over time. But can you buy anything interesting for less than the price of a new Golf?
Finding a future classic is a famously difficult thing to do. There's a multitude of things that can go wrong with every car, but performance vehicles are even less reliable. Beauty is not always important, but rarity helps.

Another hurdle is formed by your rival collectors, who can drive prices so high that profit margins disappear. Essentially, you need to buy a car that's uncool, thus cheap, and wait until everybody else discovers your little gem. Basically, it needs to be somewhat ambitious, or different, a partial failure at the time of its launch.

A good example of this would be the first-gen Audi TT, hated for over a decade and just recently discovered by collectors. The Audi is why we decided to make this all about German cars. So is there another TT that was made in the decade that's about to end, between the years 2010 and 2019?

Volkswgen Scirocco
Photo: Volkswagen
Our first spot is kind of obvious, the Scirocco, launched in 2008 and discontinued in 2017. Of course, everybody knows about the 'Rocco, but the good news is a lot of them were made, so prices haven't gone up.

The most interesting thing about this coupe is its shape, unlike anything else Volkswagen has ever built. Its wide hips could rival those of the Jaguar F-Type, but you still have room for shopping and some passengers. Even if it doesn't make a profit, this can be a nice daily driver.

Engines are obviously the main thing you need to watch out for. The 1.4 TSI with 160 hp is the most common and thus tempting, but you need to do your homework since the supercharged and turbocharged system isn't the most reliable thing ever. We'd get a green Scirocco with the 2.0 TSI making 200 or 211 hp. The Scirocco R is rarer and thus overpriced, but unless you do some stupid mods, it will probably never depreciate either.

BMW M135i, M235i, M140i, M240i, M2

Photo: BMW
The trick to investing in a BMW is always in the engine and/or design. The V10 M5 is a good example of a car that was disliked at the time of its launch but is now considered a modern classic.

What is its 2010-2019 equivalent? Well, BMW stopped developing crazy engines and focused on the displacements it had. So your best bet is a common configuration in an unnaturally small package... like the M135i and M235i.

Right now, the M235i is seen as a bit of a joke, more expensive than a Mustang and totally lacking curb appeal. But we think it's got potential, being part of a dying breed of really small RWD cars. The 3-liter turbo obviously has way more character than the 2-liter they're using from 2019/2020.

If you can afford an M2, that's even better. However, it's been called the "modern successor to the E30 M3" by way too many magazines, so it's future classic status is cemented, along with its value.

C63 AMG Coupe or Wagon?

Mercedes\-AMG C63 wagon
Photo: Mercedes-Benz
The car that also follows the formula of "big engine in the smallest possible package makes a collectible" is the current C63.

As the rumors come flying in, it's pretty clear that the next generation of the AMG C-Class is unlikely to have a V8 engine. The C63 is already the only car in its class with this displacement and only comes with RWD, which is bad and good at the same time.

You see, electric cars will make old performance models look silly, which is why the RS4 may not become collectible. On the other hand, a Tesla will never match the C63 for brutality and sound. Of course, there's also the M3, but people never treat those with gloves on.

Right now, the cheapest C63s cost about half of their original price. So we'd wait another year or so. Even then, we're not sure how it's going to make money.

Anything from Audi?

2011 Audi A1 clubsport
Photo: Audi
Yes, we've got a couple of predictable ideas. Anything powered by the 2.5 TFSI sounds excellent. So, you can look for the RS3 and TT RS. You can sometimes find a 2010-2011 RS3 for cheap, though the choice is a little predictable.

This wasn't the best decade for Audi design, as the quattro brand mainly continued with the models it already had. However, there were some ambitious yet flawed motors, such as the A1 Clubsport and S1 Sportback. Both are essentially 2-liter engines stuffed into the smallest Audi body.

Worthy mentions: Opel doesn't have the best reputation, but they have made cool machines that are now rare and forgotten. There's the 280 hp Astra OPC, the V6 Insignia OPC and the Adam S. But all are pretty risky.
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Editor's note: PS: Since you've made it this far, you should know this article is just a piece of Ten Years in Ten Stories, our word puzzle celebrating the memorable bits of the ending decade.

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