Future BMW 760Li Will Use a Detuned Version of Rolls-Royce’s V12

BMW 760Li badge 1 photo
Photo: BMW
Once BMW launched the 7 Series, the whole world stopped to ask about the top of the range model that was supposed to be the 760Li version. That’s what we’ve been getting used to and the smoothness of the 6-liter V12 under its hood was something to dream of.
When the Germans took the veils off it, we were rather intrigued to see that the most powerful and fastest car in the range at the moment was the 750i model with xDrive. Considering that it uses the same old 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 N63 engine that is known to have reliability issues, we were rather taken aback by this decision.

Of course, 450 HP and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque are enough for any car, but it’s not a matter of power here but a question of engine architecture. The 7er deserves a V12 and it had one in nearly every model (except just for the original 7er, the E23) and it would be a sacrilege to offer the G11 platform without one.

Therefore, finding it hard to believe that this will be the case, we started investigating. One of our trustworthy sourced in Munich said that he could help out and what he found made our day.

We were expecting the N74 6-liter V12 to be used with small changes done to its components so that it pollutes less, but we've been told that the new 760Li model will actually be using one of the engines employed in the Rolls-Royce range.

After all, BMW is the one providing them and this does make sense, but it would go against the current trend of downsizing. That’s because in Rolls-Royce configuration, the V12 units are bigger in size at 402 cubic inches, or 6.6 liters. They also deliver a bit more power, being rated at over 560 HP in any given configuration, while the old engine on the 760Li used to make 544 HP, at most.

On the Wraith, for example, the 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine produces 632 HP, but don’t expect that figure on the 7er. According to the same source, the version that will be installed on the BMW flagship will make 600 HP at most, being a detuned version of Rolls’.

It will also come with the 8HP90 gearbox that was already using the satellite-aided navigation to help change gears in accordance with the roads ahead, a feature that made its debut on BMWs with the new G11 model. Therefore, implementation shouldn’t be an issue.

If all of this comes true, we’re in for a treat and some nice V12 smoothness that will soothe executives sitting in the back seat.
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