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Furious RV Driver Shows What Happens When You Don't Teach People It's Okay To Lose

There’s a saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” As accurate as it sounds, it can be misleading, especially if deciphered incorrectly. If you are on a road trip and find yourself in a situation where your brains are boiling out of your head, turn your engine off and maybe go to a hotel.
Furious RV Driver Triples Down in Drive Thru 8 photos
Furious RV Driver plows through Drive-ThruFurious RV Driver plows through Drive-ThruFurious RV Driver plows through Drive-ThruFurious RV Driver plows through Drive-ThruFurious RV Driver plows through Drive-ThruFurious RV Driver plows through Drive-ThruFurious RV Driver plows through Drive-Thru
Someone recently uploaded a video on Reddit that shows a driver tripling down on his car after getting stuck in a tight section of the driveway (Drive-Thru, perhaps). Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the driver defies the laws of physics and plows through the tiny space, completely damaging the RV Camper.

Times are hard, basic commodity prices are soaring, and some may have a short temper, but one thing’s for sure: driving an RV is pretty much like driving a truck with a trailer on tow. Getting your vehicle through a tight space doesn’t necessarily mean the RV Camper will make it, too.

The video doesn’t tell much about the owner of the RV, the situation at hand, or the motive behind the foolish move. However, the aftermath of the one-minute episode tells you one thing: the driver is pi**ed off.

We speculate the one behind the wheel couldn’t back up because another vehicle might have been behind (based on the video). And since the driver is clearly furious and not willing to take a few seconds to think things through, they decided to get it over with the quickest way – pedal to the metal. The best analogy for this situation, as described by a commenter, is the ending scene of Thelma & Louise (1991) movie.

I chalk it up as self-destructive anger management issues. People do crazy sh*t when they are angry,” one commenter said. “It’s that combined with embarrassment. Assuming this is a drive-thru, he could have apologized to everyone behind him and asked them to move so he could back out,” another commenter responded.

Driving an RV sometimes means traveling through states over long distances and, as a result denying yourself essential human luxuries that could easily make you lose your mind over trivial things. It could also be a case of a driver looking for an insurance payout (too bad a video is already out, it could go down as insurance fraud).

The final speculation is a Walter White and Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad Drama (2008) scenario. The RV Camper is probably a moving meth lab, and the driver had to go or get busted by the DEA or a killer drug cartel.

We hope no one was in the camper during the dramatic stunt. We also hope the driver gets time to think his actions through and learn it’s okay to lose sometimes.


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