Funny Toyota Auris Hybrid Ad Involves Paid Actor and Lie Detector

Toyota Auris Commercial 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
It was only last week when we showed you what happens when car salesmen suddenly become honest, but now it's time to experience impartiality when it comes to more real-life situations.
For example, let's take Toyota's latest commercial for the 2016 Auris, which brings together a paid actor and a lie detector. Now, why would Toyota do that?

It's pretty simple actually because nobody would believe a paid actor, especially when talking about how good and fun a car is. That's when the lie detector comes to play, so the viewers know when the guy is lying or not.

OK, we're not that easy to fool, that might not even be a real lie detector, but let's keep it that way for the sake of the argument, shall we?

The central idea is that Toyota wants you to know the 2016 Auris hybrid is fun to drive, so they've used the gimmick we described above. They're right about one thing, though: driving a hybrid will not make you a better lover.

Say what you may want about PHEVs, but keep in mind the Auris hybrid handles more than half of all Auris sales across Western Europe.

For the ongoing Auris Hybrid, Toyota went for the 136 HP 1.8-liter config. On paper, this setup grants an average fuel economy of 3.5 l/100 km (80.7 mpg UK, 67.2 mpg US), with CO2 emissions of just 79 g/km.

From a visual standpoint, the Auris - just like the Avensis - went under the scalpel as Toyota wanted to make its lineup look more European than Japanese.

That included changes affecting the front grille, headlights and the front bumper. Truth be told, we saw the car in the metal earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, and its looks don't really add stance and prestige, but we’re satisfied with the fresh look of the Auris facelift.

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