Funny and Embarrassing ATV Fail for Dutch Soldiers

Funny and embrarrassing military ATV fail 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
Practice makes perfect, they say, and it looks like this is also true for soldiers. Even more, given the life or death character of certain predicaments, it’s easy to understand why members of the combatant forces have to constantly train and practice their routines so they can rest assured that everything goes according to plans.
Now, truth be told, after watching this video, it looks like a well-detailed plan is probably the best thing to have first off, so that soldiers know what to do. The absence of a precise plan or failure to follow the exact steps and procedures has led to mishaps, tragedies and a lot of troubles. Which might have just been the case this time, should this silly ATV fail have happened in an operations theater, and in more warlike circumstances.

The biggest issue which led to the stupid spill is obviously the fact that nobody seems to know where they must get off… and neither seems the ATV rider to have any clear idea where he should stop. The result would have been even more ridiculous if the soldier acting as a hostage would have tried to run away, much like a real prisoner would do every now and then, as hilarious the outcome of an escape attempt while blindfolded and with hands tied to the back is.

Skipping the funny (and embarrassing) aspect of the trouble these Dutch soldiers ran into, it’s at least good to see that nobody got hurt. A slight twitch in the throttle could have easily caused the ATV to wheelie more and come down on the fallen occupants, with injuries as a most likely scenario. Luckily this did not happen, so names-calling and better training should solve everything.

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