Funniest Car Chase Ever Comes from South Korea and Involves a Wedgie

We’re used to seeing American car chases on Youtube or even the news. Usually, when someone doesn’t immediately obey the Police force in the US they either get tasered or worse, shot, without too much fuss. Unfortunately, that kind of behavior from the men and women that are supposed to protect us has led to abuse over the years.
Suspect being given a wedgie 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from LiveLeak
That’s because they are allowed to do that in the great U S of A. In other parts of the world, laws aren’t as permissive and usually cops find themselves in rather tricky situations. On top of that, ramming a police car like you’ve seen in the movies rarely happens.

It’s the case of the police chase we’re showing you today, filmed in South Korea and involving more cars than the police force would care to admit. In it, a Chrysler 300C is trying to evade the cops on a rather busy highway.

Ignore the fact that at some point, one of the police cars nearly rams into an innocent SUV that’s simply trying to get out of the way and ignore the fact that the same SUV tries to avoid the police car and nearly runs into a bus on its left lane just keep watching.

At one point, there are 5 police cars, closing a noose around the Chrysler, a scene that looks absolutely hilarious. The Korean Kia K2 sedans dressed up as enforcers, with those oversized lightbars on their roofs look petite in comparison to the American bruiser. It’s like watching 5 Chihuahuas cornering an angry Rottweiler. And yet, they managed to do it.

At one point, the driver of the 300C gives up and pull over. That’s when things get even funnier. The policemen simply have nothing to break break the windows or windshield to get the suspect out of the car. Since this isn’t the US (as we pointed out before), they don’t resort to their guns immediately.

Therefore, after trying and failing to break the windshield with a rubber baton, the ultimate solution comes down to whatever they can find the boots of their cars. Their choice? A small shovel!

Eventually, probably cracking up with laughter, the driver decides to give in and get out of the car and for some unknown reason, one of the policemen decides to give him a wedgie as the man is being carried towards the back of a police car. Yes, I’m being completely serious right now! Check out the video if you don’t believe me!

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