Fun with Patents: The Motorcycle Wheel and the Scented Tires

Motorcycle Wheel 1 photo
Who invented the wheel? Nobody could tell for sure. But when it comes to the motorcycle wheel, it looks like it has been invented after its invention, just before September 17th, 2012.. Silly remark, isn't it?
Well, if you Google-check patent number EP 2572897 A2, filed by two Japanese guys Kazuhiro Ichikawa, Masato Kogirima, it isn't that silly, as these fellows actually filed a patent for THE motorcycle wheel, as Motor Biker funnily stresses.

Whether this is a joke from two guys who were looking to have lawyer-backed fun or a real attempt to collect royalty for every motorbike wheel ever made and accountable for, we could not tell.

What we could tell is that these guys are not the only wacko ones when it comes to wheels. Patent US 20100193094 A1 is even funnier: scented tires!

Yep, you read just fine: tires for both cars and motorcycles loaded with a special strip of rubber compound containing special pheromones. Why is this happening to planet Earth remains a mystery, and we're not even sure Ronald John Rosenberger, the chap who filed this funny patent could come up with an explanation not requiring a medical chek-up.

Though we're trying to decide how cool a turkey garlic steak burnout would be in a place such as Sturgis...
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