Fulminea by Automobili Estrema: An Electric Hypercar Bound To Break Records at Nurburgring

Automobili Estrema is a boutique car manufacturer based in Modena, Italy, that specializes in the state-of-the-art design and production of high-performance hypercars, mainly based on the latest electric vehicle developments in the automotive industry.
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Photo: Automobili Estrema
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Founded in 2020 by industry veteran Gianfranco Pizzuto, the company aims to create a "brand of excellence" in this highly competitive field, deploying the latest technologies and lightweight composite materials in their projects. As stated by the company, they are on a mission to "create a new Italian car brand of design excellence" that uses the most advanced technologies in the lightweight form of zero-emissions hypercar and supercars.

To achieve this goal, Automobili Estrema has assembled a team of experienced automotive professionals, including COO Roberto Olivo, an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience, and CFO Gerhard Luther, an expert in Italian and European public finance. With their expertise and passion for creating innovative and high-quality vehicles, Automobili Estrema is on a sure path to making a significant impact in the world of hypercars.

Indeed, electric hypercars represent a relatively new and highly specialized segment of the automotive industry, combining the performance and luxury of traditional supercars with the environmental and technical benefits of electric drivetrains.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea
Photo: Automobili Estrema
These cutting-edge vehicles use electric motors and advanced battery technologies to deliver incredible performance while producing zero emissions. There is still a relatively small and exclusive market, with only a handful of companies producing these vehicles. However, the technology and demand for these cars are rapidly advancing.

One of the latest and most highly anticipated electric hypercars is the Fulminea, a project by the Italian company Automobili Estrema, based in Modena, Italy, a region with a long history of producing some of the world's most famous and prestigious cars. The Fulminea, which translates to "Lightning Fast" in Italian, aims to become the world's fastest and most powerful electric car.

The Fulminea is powered by four electric motors, which produce 2,040 horsepower (1.5 MW). This impressive power output allows the car to accelerate from a standstill to 200 mph (320 kph) in less than 10 seconds. These outstanding performance numbers are made possible using innovative battery technology, which combines traditional lithium-ion cells with solid-state electrolytes and ultracapacitors, and a number of four torque vectoring-capable electric motors, one for each wheel.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea
Photo: Automobili Estrema
This hybrid battery pack produced in collaboration with IMECAR Elektronik has a capacity of over 100 kWh and provides the car with a WLTP estimated range of around 323 miles (520 km) on a single charge. It utilizes prismatic solid-state cells sourced from ABEE (Avesta Battery Energy Engineering), arranged in a so-called "cell-to-pack" format, resulting in an energy density record of 226.8 Wh/lb (500 Wh/kg). As a side note, the energy density inside a Tesla battery unit sits around the 118 Wh/lb (260 Wh/kg) mark at best. As a result, this highly capable battery pack tips the scale at only 661 lb (300 kg), remarkably light, considering the total weight of the machine in complete running order is only 3,300 lb (1,500 kg).

Furthermore, through its partnership with Electra Vehicle, the company developed a BMS (Battery Management System), which features highly advanced software dubbed "EVE-Ai," which continually and actively optimizes the power on demand between both energy systems to maximize efficiency and performance. In other words, it actively customizes the driving control strategy and dynamics based on the operating environment, battery conditions, and driving style.

In terms of design, the Fulminea is a true automotive masterpiece. Its sleek and aerodynamic body marks an extensive use of the latest-generation carbon fiber, giving it a futuristic and highly exclusive on-road appearance. The car's interior is equally impressive, with high-quality materials and packing the latest technological goodies. Not least, the vehicle also features multiple advanced safety systems to ensure a firm and controlled ride, including advanced traction and stability control programming.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea
Photo: Automobili Estrema
The Fulminea is not just a concept car, but a fully functional and production-ready machine. Initial car production is underway, but, unfortunately, it will be limited to only 61 units, each with a hefty price tag of €1,961 million. The first production model of the Fulminea is set to be unveiled in June 2023, with deliveries to customers beginning later in the year.

But the Fulminea's mission does not end with simply being a highly exclusive and sought-after car. In September 2023, the Automobili Estrema will attempt to set a new electric vehicle lap record at the Nurburgring, known as the "Green Hell," due to its challenging and demanding layout. This attempt will be a significant milestone for electric hypercars, as the Nurburgring is one of the world's most demanding and respected tracks. Additionally, setting a record there would also be a major achievement for the brand.

To support the massive costs associated with such an attempt, Automobili Estrema has initiated a crowdfunding campaign to produce a documentary covering the entire process, from the car's inception and development to the final record-breaking race at Nurburgring.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea
Photo: Automobili Estrema
The documentary will be released in nine episodes, one every month, following the progress of the Fulminea and the dedicated team behind it, starting from February until October 2023. It will undoubtedly be a unique opportunity for electric hypercar fans and automotive enthusiasts alike to follow the development of such a groundbreaking vehicle.

Although electric hypercars are a highly specialized and rapidly advancing segment of the automotive industry, these cutting-edge vehicles offer a unique combination of performance, technology, and design, and they are sure to play a critical role in the future of transportation. Under these conditions, the Automobili Estrema Fulminea is a fascinating addition to the market, and its future record-setting attempt at the Nurburgring will be a considerable milestone for electric hypercars.

We absolutely look forward to covering it when it happens. Nonetheless, it is bewitching to witness these automobiles evolving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with electric vehicle technology.

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