Full Transcript of Renault's 2008 Singapore GP

The full transcript was provided by the Daily Mail this week, and shows how the Renault officials lived every second of the period of time in which Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed his car into the wall during Lap 13. The conversation prior to Piquet's crash also shows the strategy picked by Fernando Alonso for the Singapore night race. So here it is:

Engineer: "Still don't have, I don't have any laps or gaps in position, nothing.


Engineer: "Fuel for Fernando is 43, four three."

Engineer: What's that [Engineer]?


Engineer: "I didn't say anything [Engineer]."

Engineer: "43, four three, for Fernando?"

Engineer: "Okay sorry, 43 for Fernando."

Engineer: "[Engineer] you restarted it yet or not?"

Engineer: "Yeah, starting takes ages."

Engineer: "Nakajima was being told that Trulli was heavy so he needs to overtake him as well."

Pat Symonds: "While we're behind Nakajima we're f***ed, we're not going anywhere."

Engineer: "I agree."

Pat Symonds: "I'm also..."

Engineer: "It's f***ing our three stop isn't it completely."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah absolutely. I'm also concerned about that that fuel current thing, um as soon as we get laps coming in I'm gonna look for gaps."

Engineer: "All right mate."

Engineer: "I agree. Stupid [inaudible]."

Flavio Briatore: "The problem is Trulli."

Engineer: "Yeah, it's Trulli. I mean he's three seconds slower than Heidfeld."

Pat Symonds: "Yep."

Flavio Briatore: "I don't understand why Rosberg not try hard."

Engineer: "Yep."

Pat Symonds: "I can tell you now we're not three-stopping."

Engineer: "Okay , [Engineer] get ready for a change."

Engineer: "Yep."

Engineer: "I'm still waiting [Engineer]."

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "Did you check you don't have a fuss with the time zone or, or the date or something stupid like that?"

Engineer: "No it, it was fine as it was."

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "That was an awful second sector for us anyway."

Engineer: "At this space for Fernando we are lap 15 so far and maybe we get to 16. We'll see how it develops."

Engineer: "Okay."

Pat Symonds: [Engineer], don't worry about fuel because I'm going to get him out of this traffic earlier than that."

Engineer: "Okay."

Pat Symonds? "Any question of how much [inaudible]."

Engineer: "Everything looks okay with the fuel system at the moment."

Engineer: "Okay."

Flavio Briatore: "A yellow flag went up."

Engineer" "Looks like something on the circuit [inaudible] looks like someone's knee support.

Engineer: "Yes, there's a yellow flag - where is it?"

Engineer: "Between nine and ten."

Engineer: "Between nine and ten."

Engineer: "A yellow flag nine ten."

Engineer: "There's a bit of debris in the middle of the circuit there."

Engineer: "Maybe debris on the circuit. Yellow flag between nine and ten and we think there's debris on the circuit."

Pat Symonds: "That's not gonna be a safety car.

Fernando Alonso: "Okay, okay."

Engineer: "Okay, Nelson completed 5 laps. The estimate is 28.7 mixer five 29.5 on mixer three and the fuel load is 38 kilos, three eight."

Engineer: "Okay 38 three eight for Nelson."

Pat Symonds: "Keep him on five."

Engineer: "Okay, break temps at the moment."

Flavio Briatore: "[Inaudible] Fernando will be going nowhere?"

Pat Symonds: "Absolutely. Um we've got a little strategy programme problem but as soon as I've got it back I'm gonna be looking for a gap to put him in."


Engineer: "And fuel [inaudible] on next straight."

Engineer: "Thank you very much."


Engineer: "Someone [inaudible]."

Engineer: "It's started but there's no film feed yet."

Engineer: "Still yellow nine and ten."

Engineer: "How about that [Engineer], try that, anything? [Engineer] [Inaudible]"

Engineer: "Yes ten."

Pat Symonds: "I'm not gonna get anything through [Engineer].

Engineer: "Try disconnect reconnect Pat."

Pat Symonds: "Okay."


Engineer: "Fail sensor ten and still yellow."

Engineer: "Rosberg plus Trulli."

Engineer: "Okay I've got film activity."

Pat Symonds: "That just makes it worse for us... [inaudible] leaded lap."

Flavio Briatore: "Let's see the Japanese now yutaw taw."

Engineer: "Pumps okay."


Pat Symonds: "I think Rosberg will be quite light because he's on options but this is still bad news for us. We've, we've gotta think out of the box now."

Engineer: "Okay, [Engineer] it says lapdate has been reset for unknown session so it looks like... it doesn't recognise this as a as a race if you like."

Engineer: "Okay."

Flavio Briatore: "Fernando need to overtake somebody there because that is not..."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah."

Flavio Briatore: "That Trulli's very slow eh?"

Engineer: "Okay, I'll tell him."

Engineer: "Clear track, clear track."

Engineer: "Track clear, track clear."

Engineer: "Just got alarm for charging system failed.

Engineer: "Track is clear, track is clear and come on Nelson you need to overtake Barrichello."

Engineer: "What's failed [Engineer]?"

Engineer: "Charging system failed. Um, triggers if the supply current is below 15 amps."

Engineer: "Got an alternator problem."

Engineer: "Okay."

Pat Symonds: "I need as much information as I can get on that as quickly as possible please."

Engineer: "[Engineer] is that a false alarm?"

Pat Symonds: "And it's Fernando's car we're talking about?"

Engineer: "Yes."

Engineer: "[Engineer] is looking after that."

Pat Symonds: "Okay, I need an answer in the next err three laps thanks a lot."

Engineer: "From here we can't see this this alarm so..."

Engineer: "Okay, maybe its just my telemetry."

Engineer: "I've got it on mine."

Flavio Briatore: "[Inaudible]...Nakajima."

Pat Symonds: "Nakajima yeah."

Flavio Briatore: "Yeah, come on."

Engineer: "Are we passed Nakajima?"

Engineer: "Yeah"

Engineer: "Or is it just Nakajima's got passed Trulli?"

Nelson Piquet Jnr: "What lap are we in, what lap are we in?

Engineer: "Nakajima's got past Trulli."

Engineer: "It's not a false alarm but we're looking for the data to see proper value of all the [inaudible] but so far we don't see anything."

Engineer: "He just asked what lap are we in."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah, tell him that he's about to complete lap 8. Is that correct?"

Engineer: "That's correct yeah. I think he was asking what lap are we in though but, which he already knows."

Pat Symonds: "No just tell him, he is about, he's just completing, he is about to complete lap 8."

Engineer: "Understood."

Engineer: "Someone hearing any news - anything?"

Engineer: "I'm just changing something now, hang on."

Flavio Briatore: "[inaudible] came though yeah?"

Engineer: "You've just completed lap 8, you've just completed lap 8."

Nelson Piquet Jnr: "I can't see Gabria, I can't see Gabria."

Engineer: "Okay, want to tell him this straight yes?"

Pat Symonds: "Just say understood - say understood. He can't see the pit board."

Engineer: "Okay - understood."

Pat Symonds: "Don't worry [Engineer]."

Engineer: "Okay, I think we've got him."

Engineer: "Understood."

Pat Symonds: "Gabriel - can you hear?"

Engineer: "He just said 'yes'."

Pat Symonds: "Okay. Just try and get that pit board a bit further out, wave it or do something like that.

Engineer: "Okay, we cannot see anything wrong on the alternator for Fernando's car; the issue the only point we can see is he's been low on the rev at some points or maybe we could have triggered something very lightly but, that's all.

Pat Symonds: "Okay. Understood."

Engineer: "No worries."

Pat Symonds: "Right, what have we got; f***ing hell we've got seven seconds to Nakajima."

Engineer: "I'm just restarting the servers again [Engineer]."

Engineer: "Okay, trying to restart client."

Nelson Piquet Jnr: "It's better to count through the laps because I cannot see Gabria."

Engineer: "It's better Gabriel on the last lap I guess we should leave him."

Pat Symonds: "And then see how quickly we can catch up on Nakajima. Nakajima's doing 50.3."

Engineer: "No, he's going to be much quicker this lap."

Engineer: "1.3 up at the moment."

Engineer: "And these tyres are s***."

Pat Symonds: "We need to... I need a bit of help here cos we haven't got any strategy system."

Engineer: "I just think, I can't believe we can't lap at Nakajima's pace; I'm just worried these tyres are useless and we should get on the other ones.

Pat Symonds: "Yeah, exactly..."

Engineer: "We 9/10ths up at the moment."

Flavio Briatore: "Just wait one second guys."

Engineer: "We've got a much better first sector to come on here."

Flavio Briatore: "Maybe, you know, maybe we need to quicken up now."

Engineer: "Yeah, we gone quicker now than Nakajima."

Pat Symonds: [Engineer], we're gonna go two."

Engineer: "Okay."

Pat Symonds: "Um, what was our target without this now?"

Engineer: "Um, 40 was the sort of optimum, and then 40 up to 46 if he wanted to cover..."

Pat Symonds: "I think we'll stay at around the 40 mark."

Engineer: "Predicted what 47.6 for this lap."

Pat Symonds: 47 - 6."

Engineer: "Yeah."

Pat Symonds: "So point 8, point 8 quicker than Nakajima's last one yeah?"

Engineer: "47 - 1 predicted now. We're two seconds up at the moment on that lap."

Engineer: "We've gone below one and a half seconds quicker than him."

Pat Symonds: One and a half... so we're going to catch him in about three laps. Yeah?"

Engineer: "Yep."

Pat Symonds: "Right, I'm going to - I think we're going to stop him just before we catch him and get him out of it, the reason being we've still got this worry on the on the fuel pump, it's only a couple of laps short, we're going to be stopping him early and we're going to go to lap 40.

Engineer: "Yeah I think so."

Pat Symonds: "4 - 0. Lap 40."

Engineer: "How's the balance, Fernando how's the balance?"

Pat Symonds: "Um, acknowledge please Freddie."

Fernando Alonso: "Very poor grip."

Engineer: "Can you repeat that please?"

Engineer: "Okay let's stay as we are, it will be tyres yeah?"

Pat Symonds: "That confirms it."

Flavio Briatore: "'Cause no way we're overtaking Nakajima with these tyre."

Pat Symonds: "Exactly, exactly and I don't want to waste one second behind him."

Engineer: "What lap you're claiming Pat?"

Pat Symonds: "Um lap... we're coming in in a couple of laps something like that and then I want you to get to lap 40 please - four zero.

Engineer: "Okay lap 40... which fuel system-wise I think we can... we can go easily to lap 12 without any problem."

Pat Symonds: "Okay, I think I'm going to stop him the end of 12, that looks like it's all going to work out."

Fernando Alonso: "Maybe over steering."

Engineer: "I'm quite aggressive on rear pressures Pat so..."

Engineer: "Alright don't do anything it's gonna be a different story on the other tyre I would imagine."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah exactly."

Engineer: "Scupper our rear isn't it so."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah that wasn't a great centre. Right, we're gonna stop at the end of lap 12 guys; we're going to lap 40."

Engineer: "63 kilogrammes for Fernando - 6 - 3. Okay?"

Engineer: "Okay, 63 it is."

Engineer: "Okay so pit stop light is... sorry that was too early."

Engineer: "Lights on now."

Engineer: "Okay light is on."

Pat Symonds" "Yeah with a good lap we're going to be within a second and a half of him which is right."

Engineer: "Pat do you still not think that this is a bit early? We only did 6/10ths that lap."

Pat Symonds: "No, no it's going to be alright."

Engineer: "Okay, okay. Understood."

Flavio Briatore: "[inaudible]... behind Nakajima now."

Pat Symonds: "I'm having to hand calculate because we haven't got."

Engineer: "Okay. Just we were 3.1 that last lap."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah, I mean we might be able to get one more lap but I'm not gonna risk missing anything."

Engineer: "Okay Pat, understood understood."

Engineer: "[Engineer] so its multi-map 2 and the clutch trim stays where it is in 7."

Engineer: "Okay mate... [Inaudible]... just to confirm R2, R2."

Engineer: "[inaudible]"

Engineer: "Yes [Engineer] yep that's right."

Engineer: "[inaudible]...front and rear."

Engineer: "We've got very very low brake [inaudible]."

Engineer: "Yes we're calling the guys in."

Engineer: "And in now Fernando in now pit confirm. 40 seconds Fernando."

Fernando Alonso: "Okay in now."


Flavio Briatore: "Anyway we had nothing to lose."

Pat Symonds: "Exactly."

Engineer: "62 [Engineer], 6 - 2."

Engineer: "20 seconds Fernando. Multi-map 2, multi-map 2. Guys he's gonna be target plus 8 isn't he if we go into lap 40, 32 was the original one."

Engineer: "Yep."

Engineer: "You okay for me to tell him that Pat?"

Pat Symonds: "Yep."

Engineer: "Fernando you are target plus 8 target plus 8, remember the white line."

Engineer: "7.5 Alonso."

Engineer: "He'll know from that we changed the two stops won't he we don't need to explain that to him?"

Engineer: "Yep"

Pat Symonds: Look, [Engineer]."

Engineer: "61.5 kilos, 61.5."

Engineer: "Okay 61.5."

Engineer: "Driving sector 3."

Pat Symonds: [Engineer]I want you to concentrate on getting this f***ing strategy system working. Um, [Engineer] if you can start working out next stops on the times we're getting, we'll just have to do it manually.

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "I'm working on it [Engineer]."


Pat Symonds: "Right, now let's concentrate on Nelson."

Engineer: "Pitstop lights gents."

Engineer: "[Engineer] break taps before we stop, 6-10 front and rear. Predicting 27 mill, end of race."

Engineer: "Okay, okay, so unless something changes, I'm happy."

Engineer: "[Engineer] can you give me some feedback from the pitstop. because we've got a massive hole in the telemetry just over at, I couldn't see anything."

Engineer: "Sorry mate I didn't see anything."

Engineer: "He just sat behind Barrichello ain't he and he's got massive straight line speed give him a little hurry up [Engineer] tell him he's got a load of straight line and advantage on him."

Pat Symonds: "Just hang on..."

Flavio Briatore: "Tell him to push."

Pat Symonds: "Let me just look at the end of this lap please. Just one minute [Engineer] please I just want to see where he is."

Engineer: "Understood Pat."

Engineer: "Bourdais' spun, so he's made a place up there."


Engineer: "[inaudible] go to R2."

Engineer: "Okay [Engineer]"

Pat Symonds: "Okay right [Engineer], you've gotta push him really bloody hard now if he doesn't get past Barrichello he's a, he's going nowhere, he's got to get past Barrichello this lap."

Flavio Briatore: Tell him, push."

Engineer: "Nelson no excuses now you've got to get past Barrichello you've got four clicks straight line advantage come on you've got to push now you must get past him.

Pat Symonds: "Tell him to push really hard."


Engineer: "This lap now for Nelson is 29 point 1 for mixer five."

Pat Symonds: Thank you 29 - 1?"

Engineer: "29 - 1, yes."

Pat Symonds: "Okay, new target's 29 - 1."

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "Fuel level still at 38 kilos?"

Engineer: "It's meant to be a little bit less I won't [inaudible] but you can consider 37, 3 - 7."

Engineer: "Okay 3 - 7 it is, 3 - 7."

Pat Symonds: "Any clues yet [Engineer]?"

Engineer: "No."

Engineer: "To me it looks like it didn't recognise the the session as the race of the laptimes are going through somewhere but it doesn't appear there."

Pat Symonds: "No, you've got a heartbeat I take it?"

Engineer: "No."

Multiple voices: "Nelson's off. F***ing hell. Nelson's had a crash I would say that would be a red flag its huge [all speaking at the same time]."

Nelson Piquet Jnr: "Sorry guys. I had a little outing."

Engineer: "Is he alright? Is he alright."

Pat Symonds: "Ask him if he's alright."

Engineer: "Are you okay? Are you okay?"

Engineer: "Fernando's just gone past it."

Engineer: "Okay yellow flag."

Nelson Piquet Jnr: "Yeah I hit my head in the back. I think I'm okay."

Engineer: "Okay understood."

Pat Symonds: "Right [inaudible] stop him."

Engineer: "Safety car, safety car, safety car, safety car, Fernando safety car mixture three."

Pat Symonds: "Tell him be careful, be careful, turn 17 I think it is."

Engineer: "Mixture three, mixture three."

Engineer: "Pat he went through it just after him."

Pat Symonds: "Okay thank you."

Engineer: "P zero, P zero."

Engineer: "Engineer, he just follows it yeah?"

Engineer: "He follows it unless he gets a green light."

Fernando Alonso: "I overtake the safety car or no?"

Engineer: "You follow it Fernando follow it unless you get a green light, follow the safety car unless you get a green light."

Engineer: "F***ing hell that was a big shunt."

Flavio Briatore: "F***ing hell... my every f***ing disgrace, f***ing, he's not a driver."

Engineer: "So Fernando just to be clear mixture three and you follow it unless you get a green light."

Engineer: "Yeah he's on mixture three and [inaudible] three."

Fernando Alonso: "Okay."

Pat Symonds: "What position is Fernando in?"

Engineer: "Well we were twenty, and we're first guy to pick the safety car up."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah we're not."

Engineer: "He will get away past it but he's got to wait."

Pat Symonds: "Yeah."

Engineer: "[Engineer] the car is burning. I don't know, uh, [Engineer]."

Engineer: "Someone dealing I've got [inaudible] from the film or the race status it's all, it's all dead. Do you have any clue?"

Engineer: "I'm working with [Engineer] on it now."

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "Not at the moment."

Engineer: "Okay Williams are refuelling."

Fernando Alonso: "Pit lane is closed isn't it?"

Engineer: "Yes, yes it is."

Engineer: "Yes, yes pit lane is closed."

Engineer: "6.8 Williams and a penalty. Rosberg."

Engineer: "Did those guys ever get in before the safety car came in?"

Pat Symonds: "Yes I think so, yeah."

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "Yes I think both Red Bulls didn't they?"

Fernando Alonso: "Is the pit lane closed?"

Engineer: "Yes, yes."

Pat Symonds: "The pit lane is closed."

Engineer: "Yes, the pit lane is closed Fernando, the pit lane is closed."

Fernando Alonso: "Rosberg he pit now hasn't he?"

Pat Symonds: "Yes he'll get a penalty."

Engineer: "Yes Rosberg pitted, he will get a penalty there were guys that pitted before it came out we believe, think the Red Bulls."

Engineer: "And probably Barrichello."

Fernando Alonso: "I have the green flag, I will overtake."

Engineer: "Okay Fernando."

Engineer: "Okay."

Flavio Briatore: "What position we are now in the all this?"

Pat Symonds: "To be honest, I don't know Flavio. It's got to have been good for Fernando but I honestly don't know where he is.

Engineer: "It's good for changing his tyres."

Pat Symonds: "There's a Honda stop."

Engineer: "Probably run out of fuel."

Flavio Briatore: There could [inaudible] fuel."

Engineer: "Looks like Barrichello run out, [Engineer]?"

Pat Symonds: "Yeah he may well have run out, he'd have been long though wouldn't he?"

Engineer: "Nah, he'd have been heavy."

Engineer: "Is Fernando doing a reasonable pace he needs to sort of get on with it catch the safety car up again really."

Engineer: "He's going reasonably."

Engineer: "Okay."

Engineer: "It's reasonable Steve it's not fantastic."

Engineer: "Alright."

Engineer: "What do you want to do guys?"

Engineer: "Whatever's reasonable."

Engineer: "We want to keep it out don't we, we want to keep the safety car out don't we?"

Engineer: "Yeah yeah but it won't make any difference though."

Engineer: "Okay I just thought it might put more penalties or is it open, the pit lane."

Engineer: "No, they'll open the pit lane."

Engineer: "Okay, I don't think they will."

Engineer: "But we don't need to be seen to be delaying it."

Engineer: "No, no exactly."

Engineer: "He's going, he was going at a reasonable pace."

Pat Symonds: "Barrichello, Barrichello did refuel. Who knows."

Engineer: "Did Coulthard and Webber refuel?"

Pat Symonds: "I think they both got in before the pit lane closed, we think.

Engineer: "Do we know where they were going to?"

Pat Symonds: "No."

Engineer: "Honda were affected by this, this interference and he stopped on the bridge."

Pat Symonds: "[Engineer] or [Engineer]. [Engineer] or [Engineer]. Any info on Red Bull refuel please?"

Engineer: "Pit lane's still closed yep."

Engineer: "Negative I was waiting for Toyota [inaudible]."

Engineer: "No I didn't see them come in."

Engineer: "That'll be a BMW and Ferrari coming in now I think."

Pat Symonds: "BMW and a Ferrari."

Engineer: "BMW has a penalty."


Engineer: "Kubica."

Engineer: "7.85."

Engineer: "Kubica's has just refuelled. The pit lane was closed. They'll get a penalty."

Engineer: "Kubica 7.7."

Engineer: "Where is Nelson? Have you seen him?"

Flavio Briatore: "Is he okay Nelson? Is he okay?"

Engineer: "I dunno, yeah have you seen him?"

Fernando Alonso: "The pit lane is still closed until we arrive?"

Engineer: "He climbed out mate and ran across the track."

Engineer: "Yeah, pit lane is still closed."

Pat Symonds: [Engineer], [Engineer] can you monitor channel, TV channel three and let me know as soon as the pit lane opens."

Fernando Alonso: "[inaudible]."

Engineer: "Okay understood Fernando."

Engineer: "We're, our pace at the moment is only 6 seconds off a flying lap."

Engineer: "Okay, got it."

Fernando Alonso: "I nearly repeat the time [inaudible]."

Engineer: "I nearly repeat the time with the fuel."

Engineer: "He means first time laps."

Engineer: "Okay understood Fernando."

Pat Symonds [inaudible] just run over a marshall."

Engineer: "Okay so we are P16."

Pat Symonds" "Has Gabby gone to look for Nelson?"

Engineer: "Yes."

Pat Symonds: "OK. I mean I'm sure he's alright, he ran across the track alright."
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