Full House Actor John Stamos Arrested for DUI

Work hard, play hard is what they say, but it may have been a little too much of the second with the sitcom and former soap actor the other night. John Stamos went from Full House to the big house, but at least he didn’t spend the night there. Luckily, nobody was injured. He is, however, scheduled to appear in court in September.
John Stamos 1 photo
We’re not really into soap operas, but we know this much. Stamos' experience starring on the NBC medical drama ER as Dr. Tony Gates didn’t help him too much. Sure playing the role of a medic doesn’t mean you actually are one, but he could have learned that there’s one line you’d better not cross if you don’t want to crash your car.

As we said, luckily nobody got hurt in the incident. In fact, initially, Stamos was pulled over on Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive because the officer thought he was ill. He was taken to a hospital with a medical condition, and it was only later determined that the 52-year-old Hollywood star was, in fact, drunk.

So far we’re looking at the typically famous actor lifestyle, so we don’t see anything surprising here. But since we’re always so curious and have this custom to stick our noses where there’s a mystery to be found, here’s a random fact you probably didn’t know.

You may think the perennial favorite on People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful or Most Eligible Bachelors lists is just another soap actor housewives consider handsome. But what would you say if we’d tell you he has been playing the drums ever since he was four and has occasionally performed in concert with The Beach Boys?

There you go, now we have the rock star factor on top of the DUI thing too.


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