Fresh Two-Loft Tiny House Design Reveals Clean, Luxurious Interiors

Luxury seems incompatible with the idea of mobile, off-grid living, yet designs like the British Mayfair tiny house prove that it's possible. Today, folks who want to downsize, enjoy more freedom, and live in harmony with nature, don't need to sacrifice comfort or even style. Despite their compact size, homes on wheels that are expertly crafted with top-notch materials and finishes provide a luxurious experience while remaining affordable and sustainable.
The Mayfair tiny house mixes a classic layout with luxurious finishes 18 photos
Photo: Tiny House Pro
Mayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny HouseMayfair Tiny House
The Mayfair doesn't claim to be an innovative model with quirky solutions for adding more space or simply elevating its style. It's a classic tiny house in terms of design and layout, yet flexible enough to be built either as a smaller house with one loft bedroom with a staircase or a two-loft bedroom house with separate staircases.

Mayfair can be as long as eight meters (26.2 feet), the maximum length for road-legal mobile homes in the UK (going beyond that would exceed the allowed weight). The living space adds up to 29 square meters (312 square feet) that include an open-plan main floor with a living area, a two-sided kitchen, and a bathroom, plus the loft area with one or two bedrooms.

Boasting the beautiful appearance of a classic home with high-quality wood cladding, Mayfair comes on a heavy-duty, galvanized trailer chassis, and it's fully transportable. A modern front door made of aluminum and glass leads to a compact lounge that separates the living area from the kitchen and bathroom area.

Mayfair Tiny House
Photo: Tiny House Pro
Mayfair's living room is not a tiny relaxation nook but a generous space where all family members can spend time together or entertain guests. There's enough room for a three-seat couch or a sofa bed facing one of the large, beautifully-framed views. A large TV can be mounted on the wall, and future owners are free to add more items, including a multipurpose table and tiny cabinets.

No luxury tiny house would be complete without a spacious, perfectly-equipped kitchen. This one has enough space for a full-size oven and stove and a drawer dishwasher. It comes with a full-size fridge and a large sink. Style-wise, the high-quality black fixtures add a contemporary touch. Soft-close drawers and cupboards provide plenty of storage, together with ample space incorporated on the side of the stair structure.

The countertop also looks luxurious, and it's made from highly-durable cypress pine, as well as the flooring. The cabinetry in both the kitchen and the bathroom is also made from durable, top-quality plywood. All the tiny houses designed by this young UK-based brand, Tiny House Pro, use only the best materials instead of cheap alternatives like MDF or vinyl. This is a key aspect of the overall luxurious feel of these mobile homes, including Mayfair.

Solid pine panels provide solid lining for the internal walls. In contrast, the insulation for the ceiling, floors, and walls is made of fiberglass earth wool and rock wool. The Mayfair is also fitted with an advanced reverse-cycle heating and air conditioning system and an instant electric hot water system.

Mayfair Tiny House
Photo: Tiny House Pro
It features the same type of plug-in power system as an RV, plus a garden hose fitting for connecting it to a water supply. Customers who want to go fully off-grid can opt for a separate package that includes solar panels, a composting toilet, and water tanks.

Mayfair's bathroom was kept on a smaller size to make room for the solid staircase leading to the loft bedroom. Still, the same black fixtures as the ones in the kitchen elevate its look, and high-quality materials are used for the vanity unit and the shower cabin.

The bedroom can comfortably accommodate one or two people; it's airy and bright and has space for extra storage. The Mayfair can be configured with two such bedrooms, in which case the builder recommends a staircase and a ladder. Still, future owners can opt for either two staircases or two ladders if they prefer.

In its final version, the Mayfair includes numerous practical additions, such as outdoor lights, insect window screens, and underfloor heating. Pricing starts at £42,500 ($53,000) with plenty of optional features and potential customizations. The Tiny House Pro range also includes more affordable versions and a highly-luxurious design that starts at nearly £60,000 ($75,000).

Mayfair Tiny House
Photo: Tiny House Pro
Tiny House Pro is one of the youngest builders on the tiny house market. Two friends in the UK launched it in 2022 after having experienced the benefits of living in a tiny house. Their goal is to offer homes on wheels that are just as comfortable, durable, and stylish as conventional houses, using only excellent-quality materials and efficient designs.

The Mayfair is no game-changer, but it would make a wonderful choice for a couple or a young family, thanks to its modern look and smart layout. Classic luxury and off-grid living with total freedom of movement can co-exist after all.
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