Fresh BMW E39 M5 Review Is Both Funny and Weird

Close your eyes and think of a BMW. Any BMW you’d like. Got it? Now open your eyes and tell us exactly what you saw in your mind when you had your eyelids shut. Corona rings, right?
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Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Yeah, even though they are quite new to the BMW scene, corona rings or ‘angel eyes’ as people call them, have become just as associated with Bavarian machines as the kidney grille or the Hofmeister kink.

However, they are also associated the most with the first car that got them, back in 2001, the E39 5 Series. Over the years, that impressive look the 5 Series had remained stuck to our cornea and we love it more and more every day, on old and new models.

Therefore, because of the introduction of the Corona rings, the E39 M5 will forever remain a legendary car in our books and every BMW enthusiast out there. But it’s not just because of the headlights, it’s a number of factors that chip in and make us drool every time we see one.

From the legendary S62 4.9-liter V8 to the sleeper look and the amazing body control, everything about this M5 screams coolness. Sure, there are a couple of problems with older cars, especially performance models, but that’s only to be expected on a vehicle that is over 10 years old and was probably driven on a track more than once.

Doug DeMuro, from Jalopnik had one of these beauties all for his own for a couple of hours and, of course, he did a quick review, just before the Bimmer was sold for a mere $11,000.

Now, you might ask why someone would sell such a car for that price and you’d be right to be downright outraged but the fact is, the old uber-sedan needed repairs worth of around $9,000 and the owner just didn’t want to spend any more money. Therefore, the logical step was to sell it for a fair price.

Getting back to the review, Doug actually makes a couple of interesting points. The car is still sexy as hell and the sleeper look will help out at any time. Style and elegance are two of the things this beauty has plenty of and there’s simply no denying.

Compared to modern-day models, the restrained, chilled looks of the E39 are a breath of fresh air. Today, everything has to be as ‘aggressive’ as possible, every car needs a rear diffuser and every car has to be as loud as it can be. The grace and muffled grunt of this M5 speaks of an age where people had plenty of performance at the tip of their toes but didn’t have to brag about it all day long.

Furthermore, the build quality is way better than anything on the market today. Every button, every stick and even the materials feel better on this car than on a brand new one. They seem sturdy and serious, just like a German making a joke. There’s nothing to laugh about here!

There are also a couple more points to be made but we’ll let Doug tell you all about them in his own way. Check out his thoughts on the car and his illegal drag race with a Chevy Impala!

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