Freak EV from 1979: Porsche 911 Targa with Tesla Roadster Internals

ECC Porsche 911E Targa 7 photos
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We all know and love the classic Porsche 911s that come out of the hands of the people at Singer Vehicle Design. Not only do they look crisp, but they also go like stink.
Well, it looks like there is a new kid in town, only this one has a different way of doing things. The Electric Classic Cars is a British company that specializes in taking old vehicles that have seen better days and restoring them to their former glory, while also implanting an electric drivetrain in the process.

Its latest project involved a 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa, or as we like to call it, one of the sexiest cars ever made. The exterior design of this model is nothing short of perfection, which is why we wouldn't change one thing about it.

Neither did Electric Classic Cars (ECC). The first part was to restore the looks of the car, which meant installing a new front bumper and sanding down the body to bare metal before applying a new coat of paint.

Then came the part that justifies the 'E' in ECC. The Porsche's (otherwise wonderful 3.2-liter) engine had to make way for a pair of electric motors that work together with the vehicle's original five-speed manual gearbox. An electric car with a stick shift? That sure sounds interesting, even though Richard Morgan from ECC says he usually just leaves it in fourth as it covers all the basic needs.

The battery pack came off a Tesla Roadster, so it has 54 kWh and it is split between the front (where the trunk was) and rear (where the engine was). The weight distribution is almost ideal at 48/52 despite the massive changes the 911 underwent, so expect it to handle nicely. The 0-60 time has also been improved according to Morgan by anything between half a second and a full second.

The battery pack is enough to give it 200 miles (320 km) of range when driven "sensibly," meaning it can be used as a daily driver with no problems. The 911E is a customer car, so it's not for sale, but we're sure ECC won't say no to another project if you're interested.

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