Frankfurt Airport’s Pink-Colored Parking Spaces Designed for Women - Are They Sexist?

Frankfurt Airport’s Pink-Colored Parking Spaces Designed for Women 1 photo
Photo: C. I. Shinzato on YouTube
They’ve been around for some time now, but for some reason Frankfurt Airport’s pink parking spaces designed for women have recently made the news. Not only are these closer to the terminals, bigger in space and easier to find, but they also have a pink path that leads the way. The question once again arises, are they sexist?
Back in the 20s, men would hold the door for women, they would help them with their coats, push the chair slowly as they would sit down gently. It may be a custom in some European countries, but in the US things tend to take a 50-50 path nowadays. Maybe that’s why the pink parking spots in Germany suddenly headlined the afternoon news broadcast. Whatever the case may be, it made us ask a question we have asked before, are these special parking spots sexist?

We believe they are not. Imagine this, there are 14,000 parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport. Out of these, the ones that are “bigger, nicer and closer to the terminals,” are the spots reserved for women only. “This is our exclusive parking offer at Frankfurt Airport for women only. With new and special designed parking areas, which are color-coded and easy to find,” they explain.

What’s even better, is that you can book them in advance and even save up some cash while at it. OK, but what about women’s parking space in other countries? In the Chinese province of Hebei, women’s parking spaces have been established in shopping centers. These are wider and are clearly marked in different colors.

In 2009, the city government of Seoul painted 4,929 parking spaces so that women do not have to walk as far to their destination. Wait, it gets better. Apparently, that wasn’t the only reason, considering the decision was also supposed to make the city more conducive to wearing high heels.

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