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Francisco Chaleco Lopez Not Present in Dakar 2015, Calls It Quits with Motorcycles

Chilean rider Francesco “Chaleco” Lopez will not take part in the 2015 edition of the Dakar Rally. His decision was made after a severe knee injury had to be operated. Lopez, 39, also declared that the choice he made was not at all an easy one, as it involves future participations as a rider in the Dakar Rally. That is, Chaleco Lopez will put an end to his career as a Dakar rider.
Francisco "Chaleco" Lopez 8 photos
Francisco "Chaleco" LopezFrancisco "Chaleco" LopezFrancisco "Chaleco" LopezFrancisco "Chaleco" LopezFrancisco "Chaleco" LopezFrancisco "Chaleco" LopezFrancisco "Chaleco" Lopez
Lopez declared that the last Rally of Morocco he rode in was the place where he understood that his state is no longer allowing him to deliver top-level performance in such grueling conditions. According to Lopez, he feels sorry for not speaking about his decision earlier, and having to see people learning about his retirement from the newspapers.“If I ever return to Dakar it will be in a car”
Having raced in the Dakar Rally 8 times, Francisco Lopez has been one of the great animators in the past 5 years. He even got on the podium on two occasions, after finishing third in 2010 and 2013. Winning multiple Dakar stages in his career, Lopez was also a strong competitor in other cross country rallies and has even won the Rally of Tunisia in 2010, being the first South American rider to do so.

Francisco Lopez says that he doesn’t know yet whether he will be still involved with Dakar racing or simply head for another direction. However, Lopez says that if he returns to Dakar, it will definitely be inside a car.

He currently has a buggy he is working on and which he will drive in the Mobil Rally to see how things work on four wheels. Lopez adds he has plans to keep training as a driver in the northern regions of the country to stay in contact with the desert. Still he says that one of his sponsors also has a fun, entertaining and different proposal for him, but for the moment, no details will be given.

We are really sorry to lose one of the top Dakar riders, but nevertheless wish Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez the best of luck in whichever direction he might be heading for.



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