France Could Ban Motorcycles from Mountain Passes

Too much motorbiking can easily turn into no biking at all, or at least that's how things are moving in France. Alain Perret, prefect of Lower-Rhine region in France, wants to ban the access of motorcycles in the high mountain passes of the Vosgi during weekends. The only high passes remaining unaffected by such law initiative are Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Bonhomme and Bussang.
No motorcycles in French Vosgi passes 1 photo
Now, before we get to tourists and Human Rights, what would happen to the guys living and working in the area and riding motorcycles? Are they going to apply for some special permits allowing them to ride to work or see their relatives, or what?

The French Motorcycling Federation and the French Federation of Pissed Motorcyclists (who have a long and funny history in protests against stupid French laws) have already filed complaints against such a law.

The Declaration of Human Rights is pretty clear on the matter: “The administrative measures that may affect the exercise of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, must be justified by the urgent need to safeguard public order and be proportionate to this objective.”

Now banning bikes this has nothing to do with the stipulated clauses and we're going to see trouble (again) in France if this law passes. And knowing just how united and firm pissed bikers can be in France, while on the other hand also knowing how stubborn authorities are in such matters... just grab a beer and wait...


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