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Fox-Body Ford Mustang Looks Like a Beater, Destroys All Competition at the Strip

Remember the old Chevy Monte Carlo that looked like a barn find and ripped the 1/8-mile run in less than five seconds? Well, here's another build that shows us why we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Or, it this case, a dragster by its exterior appearance. This Fox-body Ford Mustang may look like a beater, but it takes off like a rocket and wins races effortlessly.
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Based on an early third-generation Mustang, this dragster looks like it went through a couple of repaints. The faded red color on the fenders and bumpers peels off to reveal a yellow hue, while the doors seem to have been repainted in a different shade of red.

Then there's the aftermarket engine hood, boasting a massive bulge in the center and a pristine matte black paint. There's a matching front bumper, while the headlamps are covered with matte black panels. Because who needs headlamps at the drag strip anyway, right?

Overall, this thing looks like the owner put it together using parts from two different Mustangs and then added some aftermarket bits on top.

But there's obviously more to this Fox-body than it meets the eye. It goes by the name "Dingleberry" and it hides a nitrous-fed V8 under that beefed-up hood. Apparently it still features a stock engine block, but there's no specific info as to what that means.

Based on the headlamp layout, this is a pre-facelift Fox-body, which was originally available with a 4.9-liter V8. This mill was dropped after just one year and replaced with a smaller 4.2-liter unit. The 4.9-liter V8 returned in 1982 with upgrades, so "Dingleberry" could use any of the three. But it's safe to assume that everything else beyond the block was heavily modded.

And you'll understand why as soon as you'll witness how quick this 'Stang is on the 1/8-mile. We're talking about four-second runs. And it's not just one. The Fox-body coupe takes on three different competitors and wins without breaking a sweat. But the most amazing thing here is how hard "Dingleberry" launches.

There's no loss of traction and no wheel spin. The rear wheels just "grab" onto the asphalt and slingshot the coupe straight across the finish line. Just hit the play button and be amazed.

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