Four Disabled Parking Spaces Taken by One Very Un-Disabled Driver in the UK

Strange things happen at McDonald's restaurants in the United Kingdom. A few weeks ago we reported about the gypsy who drove a cart pulled by a horse into a Drive-in and requested service, only to be denied by the clerks.
Opel Astra parked on four disabled spaces 1 photo
If that was outrageous only if you insist on looking at it from a racial point of view, this one is so frustrating it will make you want to scream. Even if you've never had a disabled relative or friend, you can still feel the rage building up as you continue to look at the image while shaking your head in disbelief.

Yes, people like this actually do exist. If you thought that those who are so inconsiderate that park on two regular spaces are the biggest douches, you haven't seen anything. Also, you might have witnessed drivers with no disability whatsoever use these bays just because they are usually the closest to where they want to get and are too lazy for the extra 30 feet they would have had to walk otherwise.

Usually, these guys are full of themselves and pointing out their mistake will most likely not have the desired effect, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. For some reason, Ashley Brownsword, the 33-year-old scrap yard manager from Kenilworth, Warks, did not go and confront the driver on this occasion. He said he pulled into the parking lot because his son wanted to use the toilet when he spotted this unbelievable sight.

The driver of this silver Opel (Vauxhall) Astra managed to cancel no less than four spaces destined for disabled clients in one single move. He then proceeded inside together with his girlfriend where he remained for more than the ten minutes that Ashely lingered around. "I just thought 'what an absolute idiot'. It was 5 pm, so a busy period for the restaurant and if anybody disabled wanted to use the spots they couldn't," he told The Mirror.

However, even though he chose to avoid a face-to-face confrontation - probably since he had his son with him - Ashley couldn't just ignore what he saw, so he posted the image on Facebook. It quickly spread around and attracted the kind of comments you would expect. Initially, we thought he should have included the car's license plate, but on second thoughts, that could have turned ugly for the owner. Not that he didn't deserve it, though.


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