Fossil Fuel Use In Electric Plants Will Peak Soon, Green Power Will Prevail

Coal power plant in Datteln (Germany) at the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal 1 photo
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Electric cars, one of the solutions presented by automakers for the future of transportation, still have a few thorns in their garden: the source of electric power required for recharging.
Most energy plants operate using fossil fuels or other forms of nonrenewable energy. However, there is a dominant ecological trend in the industry, and it appears that green power sources will be the future for all electric plants of the world.

While we might have to wait many years for this to happen, a recent analysis from Bloomberg shows that global power is approaching its peak use of fossil fuels.

In the case of this research and forecast, the specialists believe that the energy industry will no longer use as many fossil fuels as today with the beginning of the year 2025.

In the year 2025, analysts estimate that fossil fuels will reach a break-even point with green energy, when the latter will exceed non-renewable sources in use and generated power.

If things go as planned, and we hope they will, fossil fuels might never be used for generating electricity like they have for the last century and many years before it.

While the need for cutting fossil fuels from the energy industry is present and growing, so is humanity’s hunger for electric power. Analysts estimate that energy requirements will increase over the years, as they steadily have since the invention of power plants.

The most sought after renewable source will be solar, followed by the wind and geothermal energy. According to the research, by 2027, building new wind farms and solar fields will be cheaper than running existing fossil fuel power stations. Thanks to this tipping point and massive investments in the field, the world will meet a new wave of energy, which should reduce the greenhouse effect that waits like a time bomb over our shoulders.

Until we reach 2027, the next big thing will be “flexible capacity technology,” a sophisticated term for large batteries that will be placed in homes and on the grid, so that storing green electricity will be possible, and the network will tap into it instead of using fossil-fuel energy plants. It looks like Elon Musk had a bright idea with the Tesla Powerwall.
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