Forze 6 EV Sets New Nurburgring Record for Fuel Cell-powered Cars

The iconic status of the Nurburgring circuit has turned what we like to call a true 'motorsports arena' into a make it or break it affair for carmakers. But a new age is dawning: the one of fuel cell-powered racers.
Forze VI 1 photo
Photo: DUT
In case you missed our material about the Forze 6 green racecar, here are some details to put you up to date with the fuel cell EV. Its development started in 2007 at the Delft University of Technology, and the sixth iteration seems to have worked like a charm for its makers.

We're praising the car because the Forze VI managed to race through the challenging 21 km of race track at Nurburgring in under 11 minutes, and set a new record in the process, becoming the fastest fuel cell propelled vehicle to complete a full lap on The Ring.

As remarkable as this feat might be, you need to know that there are certain essential aspects that made possible such a performance. Behind the wheel was former Formula 1 racer Jan Lammers, who declared himself extremely impressed with the work done by the team of students behind the Forze VI project:

“It is truly awe inspiring how the students have designed and built a race car that also handles so well, even more so considering the highly advanced technology it contains. I tip my hat to them.”

During the attempt, the Forze VI reached top speeds of 170km/h (106 mph) on the track, but it is believed the car is capable of much more than that. In theory, the car can go as fast as 220km/h (137 mph), and can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4 seconds, all with zero carbon footprint. That being said, we're eager to see who will pick up the gauntlet thrown by the Forze VI.

How about Toyota, with a race-bound version of the Mirai?

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