Forza Horizon 5 Hotfix Patches Existing Exploits To Stop Cheating Players

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Forza Horizon GlitchForza Horizon GlitchForza Horizon GlitchForza Horizon GlitchForza Horizon Glitch
Forza Horizon 5 has been widely welcomed as the best in the franchise. It's a large sprawling game with tons of content. So it's no surprise that many exploits were missed. Now, Forza is aiming to patch them in its first update.
Since the game's release, a number of glitches or full-on exploits have allowed players to get an upper hand not intended by the developers.

The first notable one was simply a workaround that involved buying a Willy's Jeep, achieving the Super Wheelspin badge, and then profiting. Another allowed players to buy cars that weren't supposed to be for sale.

They were desirable ones, too, including the Delorean, the McLaren F1, and the Subaru Impreza 22B. Finally, one exploit allowed players to gain money and XP while 100% away from the game.

Now all of these issues are gone. The Jeep, for example, can no longer claim the Super Wheelspin accolade. The patch notes also mention "Adding checks to stop an exploit with driving assists." That should take care of the away-from-game-players.

The developer team also "fixed an issue which allowed players to purchase cars from the Car Collection screen which weren't available in the Autoshow." So if you didn't take advantage of these exploits before, don't expect to now.

It's not all about stopping cheaters, though. Playground Games is hoping this first patch will fix some playability issues as well. One major issue would stop a player's car and end any combo they had going if the game was momentarily disconnected from Horizon Life.

They've also disabled Convoy voice chat to help address the long load times in online events. That should make the game more enjoyable in such social situations despite the lack of VC.

Overall, it's impressive that a game this big and this widely adopted doesn't have more issues. It's also great to see Playground Games addressing these factors so quickly after release. Of course, we now wait to see if new exploits pop up.
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