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Forza Horizon 4 Is Now a Lot Cheaper on Steam

Forza Horizon 4 continues to be one super-popular racing game despite being already a three-year-old release, and its debut on Steam back in March is just the living proof in this regard.
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Forza going live on Valve’s gaming platform was received with much enthusiasm by players out there, as previously, this title was exclusive to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 for PC gamers.

But one of the biggest shortcomings that people rapidly discovered when trying to buy Forza Horizon 4 from Steam was its hefty price tag, as Microsoft for some reason actually made the game more expensive than its Windows 10 sibling.

The standard version of FH4, for example, was available for $59.99, but of course, this still hasn’t stopped the game from becoming the top racing title shortly after its launch.

But now Microsoft has decided to address this problem with major discounts for Forza Horizon 4 released as part of the Xbox Game Studios publisher sale that’s now live on Steam and which includes several other popular titles, including Halo and Age of Empires.

As part of this promo, Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition can be purchased for just $38.99, down no less than 35 percent as compared to its original price. The Deluxe Edition is getting an even bigger price cut, as you can get it today for $47.99, so it’s 40 percent cheaper than before. The Ultimate Edition, now costs $54.99, as the price has been reduced by 45 percent from $99.99.

At the same time, Microsoft has also released significant discounts for car passes, with a bundle that includes a total of 43 items being available at $30.59, down no less than 77 percent. The Fortune Island and the LEGO Speed Champions packs are also available with a $50 price cut, so they cost just $9.99 as part of this limited-time offer on Steam.


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