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ForTwo City Car Doesn't Seem That Smart, May the Downforce Be With It

If you look closely at the picture shared below in the image gallery, then you will see a smart fortwo attached to two ginormous (for its size) wings. The city car is beyond ridiculous, hence its arrival in our dedicated LOL category.
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Made (relatively) famous by Reddit’s ‘ugly’ car mods thread, it has had its picture taken somewhere north of the U.S. border, in Canada’s British Columbia, judging by the partially censored license plate.

Now, back to the oddities, which do not only include the big front and rear wings, a modification that has sparked a hilarious comment, with one Redditor saying that the owner is spoiled, but an LED light bar up front too.

The tires look a bit fat compared to what we’re used to seeing these days, yet they’re not exactly chunky, and therefore off-road-ready, and the fortwo doesn’t feature a jacked-up stance either. Thus, it’s not like the person whose name is written on the dotted line can take it off the lit path every now and then, as it would get stuck. Its rear-wheel drive construction would not help it either, so maybe the owner drives it on remote roads late at night on a constant basis, and needs all the light (and downforce) that they can get their hands on.

Since it’s not every day that we get to write about a smart fortwo, we cannot end this story here, as we have to remind you of an Eleanor Mustang-wannabe copy that we covered a couple of months ago. That one was rather cute, with its brand new face made to resemble the famous pony car from ‘Gone in 60 Seconds,’ as well as the new silver finish, black racing stripes, and additional lights. As we said back then, with a little bit of work, it has the potential to become a show-stopper.


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