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Forrest Gump-Inspired Bamboo Handlebars Will Change the Way You Ride Your Bike

Forrest Gump is an iconic character whose impressive running abilities have inspired many in real life. Including this New Zealand-based company, which developed a Gump-inspired bicycle handlebar made of bamboo.
Passchier Bamboo Handlebars 7 photos
Passchier Bamboo HandlebarsPasschier Bamboo HandlebarsPasschier Bamboo HandlebarsPasschier Bamboo HandlebarsPasschier Bamboo HandlebarsPasschier Bamboo Handlebars
Commonly deemed the world’s most renewable material, bamboo is astoundingly strong and flexible. It has a plethora of applications and thanks to Passchier, it now also makes for a great bicycle handlebar. The idea behind their name is that these bamboo handlebars are so comfortable that you’ll forget to stop riding your bike.

Passchier’s handlebars are made of laminated bamboo and look great on any bike. But they bring so much more to the table than just beauty and style. They are extremely strong and offer a more relaxed riding experience than their aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, or steel counterparts.

According to Passchier, its Gump handlebars deliver comfort based on the perfect amount of flex, thanks to the natural fiber in them. They absorb vibration and reduce muscle pain, allowing you to enjoy longer rides.

The manufacturer claims the handlebars have been tested in all scenario types, in urban, trekking, and trail settings. Both Gump models were able to withstand up to 55 pounds (25 kg) applied to each end, replicating hitting curbs, bumps, as well as hard stopping.

There are two models available: Gump 760 and Gump 650. The Gump 760 version is 760mm long (approx. 30 in) and with a 22-degree sweep. It weighs 11.6 oz (330 grams), has a carbon fiber sleeve with a 1.25 in (31.8 mm) diameter, and is tailored for tourers, e-bikes, and town commuters.

The Gump 650 is designed mainly for the town cruiser, being more of a “tamed” version of the 760, according to Passchier. It is a comfortable handlebar as well and it also offers great maneuverability. But while these handlebars have the same 22 degree, they are a bit shorter, at just 25.5 in (650mm), meaning you’d probably last longer on your bike with the Gump 760. As for their weight, the Gump 650 is lighter, at only 8.8 oz (250 grams.)

Both bamboo handlebars are handcrafted in New Zealand and are available to buy for $245.

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