Formula 1 Inspired Wheelchair Adds Style to Functionality

Every other wheeled vehicle out there is evolving these days, yet someone must have forgotten about the wheelchair, which still looks like a dull medical accessory. This British kickstarter company wants to change the people's conception about wheelchairs, but it may require some outside help.
Carbon Black wheelchair 1 photo
The Carbon Black project here aims to bring more functionality and style to wheelchairs. If cars are an extension of the owner’s personality, why wouldn’t a wheelchair be the same?

It has been created by a wheelchair user, Andrew Slorance, who used one for 31 years after he broke his back in his childhood. So he understands all emotional challenges going on with other injured people having being stuck to an old-fashioned wheel chair. Reason why he decided to bring the ultimate roller out.
A game changer
Most of the Carbon Black wheelchair is made out of super resistant F1 grade carbon fiber and can be constructed according to each customer’s configuration requirements. More than that, its minimalistic design will let people see more of the person using it.

Not only does the user look cool now, their abilities will also be enhanced. The carbon fiber gives the wheelchair fantastic energy efficiency thanks to its low weight. You can actually pick it up with one hand while using the other to unmount its wheels and back rest to fit it inside a car.

It’s very well thought out and you can also mount LED lights on it to see at night. The only problem is that Andrew’s tiny company needs some help to put the project into full scale production. The project currently has to gain £15,000 ($23,634/€18,919) until December 15th this year.


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