Former UFC Boss Takes His Secretive $160M Superyacht Out for a Cruise in Canada

If you were not aware of the latest yachting trends, know that more and more superyacht owners are adding a so-called shadow vessel to their fleet, a “smaller” yet still impressive yacht that’s supposed to carry all the water toys and handle the logistics for the mothership, as they cruise together. Lorenzo Fertitta is one of these owners, and he took both vessels for a cruise in Vancouver.
Lonian is allegedly Lorenzo Fertitta's $160 million superyacht 7 photos
Lonian SuperyachtLonian SuperyachtLonian SuperyachtLonian SuperyachtLonian SuperyachtLonian Superyacht
Lonian is one of the few superyachts with a famous owner who had stayed mysterious to this day – this majestic 285-foot (87 meters) Feadship was launched in 2018, but the public never got a glimpse of its interior.

In fact, at the time, it was said that the owner wanted to have a full year to cruise the world in blissful privacy before the information about him owning the new yacht would come out. Eventually, the media found out that Lorenzo Fertitta, a casino magnate who bought UFC two decades ago and later sold it, is the alleged owner. But Lonian kept its privacy, which is why it’s a rare sight. Most recently, folks could admire its impressive, dark profile around Vancouver.

It wasn’t by itself, but accompanied by Hodor, an equally-impressive support yacht, reportedly worth $30 million. It would have been surprising for someone with a link to UFC to go for yachts that leaned towards a more feminine, elegant side.

Indeed, Lonian was described as “beefy” and “muscular” by its own builder. The famous Dutch shipyard also equipped it with a hybrid diesel-electric engine. Despite its huge size, Lonian can hit up to 18 knots (20.7 mph/33.3 kph) and can cover more than 5,000 nautical miles (5,753 miles/9,260 km) at lower speeds.

Hodor makes sure that Lonian’s famous owner also has his toys at hand, including an Airbus H145 T2 helicopter, several sport boats, ATVs, quad bikes, and trail motorcycles – a floating garage for adventure-filled cruises.


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