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Former GM Exec Bob Lutz Named Chairman at VIA Motors

Bob Lutz, the former vice president of General Motors, has been named chairman of the board at VIA Motors, the company that’s been putting electric powertrains into Chevrolet trucks, van and SUVs since 2013.
Bob Lutz at VIA Motors 1 photo
Known as the “father of the Chevrolet Volt”, Lutz is replacing retiring chairman Carl Berg, who will remain VIA’s largest shareholder after serving the company for five years.

"I believe VIA is electrifying the right end of the business and is implementing a very sound business strategy," said Lutz. "If we are going to see main stream adoption of electric vehicles, the technology must deliver a good return on investment to the largest segment of the auto business, namely trucks, vans & SUVs. That's why I am so confident in VIA and I'm pleased to serve as Chairman," Lutz said.

The 81-year-old is also the co-founder of VL Automotive and, two months ago, has been named senior advisor by vehicle interior customization specialist Katzkin. He joined VIA Motors in 2011.


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