Form Truck Bed Camper Fits Nearly Any Pickup on the Market, Including Tesla

Everyone seems to be focusing their attention on big and heavily equipped RVs and campers. But as the saying goes, great things come in small packages.
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That's the sort of phrase that describes the Form; a camper made like none other you may have seen so far. Technically it's considered a slide-in camper, but to call it just like that wouldn't be doing Form the proper justice. Before I get into the thick of things, it should help to know a bit about the manufacturer behind this trinket and how it came to be.

It all started back in 2018 when a team of industrial designers decided to buy a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to transform it into a camper van. After discovering that these vans tend to cost well within the hundred-thousand-dollar range, everything shifted to what you see today, the Form.

The Form is a camper made to be simple, versatile, and get more people out of the house, the true beauty behind the design. As it stands, Form is similar to some of the explosive camper shells that we see a lot of down in Australia. You know, those that look like you're towing along nothing but a toolbox, and before you know it, you and five other people have a place to sleep.

Form Camper on Truck Bed
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Form isn't towable, but it is designed to fit most, if not all, truck beds on the market, including those EVs like the Cybertruck and the new F-150 Lightning. Any truck with a bed at least 5.8 feet long, all the way up to an 8-footer, possibly longer, can fit this camper. Seeing as how Form rests in your truck's bed, I'm going to guess that the bigger your bed is, the better, as some of the images show Form utilizing your tailgate.

The exact dimensions for Form don't appear on the manufacturer's website, but the specs mentioned should be enough to get a feel for this camper. Overall, the body uses carbon fiber panels with honeycomb insulation, making the camper light and durable. How light, well, around a 1,000-pound (453-kilogram) dry weight is all you'll find. With 71 square feet (6.59 square meters) of floor space and 35 cubic feet (1 cubic meter) of storage space, it's more than enough room for two guests to live it up as they wish.

Because it is a camper, off-grid capabilities are of the utmost importance, and Form seems to be more equipped than campers nearly twice its size. To help you understand what I mean, that little structure you see can fit 50 gallons (189 liters) of freshwater with 100-gallon (378-liter) usage capacity featuring reverse osmosis, 50 gallons (189 liters) of greywater, and up to 400-watts of solar energy. A 12V 300 Ah deep cycle battery is also available.

One thing you need to understand about Form is that to fit all of its features and spaces, the design needs to be as versatile as possible, achieved through modularity. Just about everything can be flipped, slid over, and put aside so that you can find room for everything your life entails.

Form Camper Galley
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The living space features a full-size bed with storage underneath and a multi-use table and chair. A bathroom is part of the living space and features a showerhead and water filtration system with up to 2 hours of running water, equipped with a cassette toilet. Above all, a magnetic shower curtain features a no-leak design. But, seriously, there are a few more things to run through before we're done here.

The kitchen is where Form excels and includes a galley unit with interior and exterior functionality. Equipped with a fridge, stove, sink, and faucet, everything you need to cook your five-star meals is available. Not to mention storage for cooking ware and foodstuffs.

Then, all the outdoor features make the Form look like a solid off-grid camping unit. Nylon awnings, dry room, and detachable table and chairs bring you even closer to the outdoors without having to worry about what's lurking in the shadows. Best of all, if duty calls and you need your truck, leave Form behind as a free-standing structure.

The only thing left to say is that this puppy will be ready next year in 2022 and priced starting at 69,500 USD (59,841 EUR at current exchange rates). A camper unit worthy of keeping an eye out for next year.
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Editor's note:  An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the Form was also suited for Rivian. This is not the case and modifications have been made to the text to correlate with proper specs.

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