Forgiato DiFalco Grille Winks at You

We’ve seen some tasteless stuff like this in the past, but this take things to a whole other, high budget level. The lack of class is the easiest explanation as to why they would need a hot girl in this video.
Forgiato DiFalco Grille 1 photo
The project car, a Camaro Convertible, has a lot of aftermarket parts on it, including a set of massive 24-inch wheels. But that’s not the main feature.

Forgiato is a custom wheels specialist with a great reputation in the industry. Yet somehow, they started making body parts as well. The Camaro has been fitted with a special grille which protects the headlights of the car in what we can only describe as eyelids.

We’ve seen this look before, on the old Dodge Chargers, but right now, covering your headlights like this is probably illegal.

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