Forget Grand Theft Auto V, this Is GTA Moscow

Why wait until September to play Grand Theft Auto V when you can get a taste of the action right now? Today we’re bringing you the latest episode in the series, GTA Moscow.
Grand Theft Auto Moscow 1 photo
However, there are a few aspects we need to clarify. First and foremost, this is now a game, but a video. Secondly, it doesn’t comes from Rockstar Games, but from StopXAM,  a group of Russian activists that support safe driving.

The video starts with a middle-aged man in a small pickup who has a simple mission: to escape the traffic by driving through a restricted area. He meets a metallic fence but that doesn’t seem to be an issue, as he stops and... loads the fence into the bed of his vehicle - no more motorists shall be kept from breaking the law!

Nevertheless, the guys from StopXAM are there to get things right. They unload the fence and put it back in place, but this doesn’t keep the man from driving over it and almost driving over them! Mission accomplished.

You will receive your next assignment after hitting the “play” button below.

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