Forget Gas Prices, YouTuber Spends $800 on Fleet, Generously Tips Favorite Ice Shave Stand

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Stradman's Supercar FleetStradman's Supercar FleetStradman's Supercar FleetStradman's Supercar FleetStradman's Generous TipStradman's Generous TipStradman's Supercar Fleet
In 2007, Stephen Leeb talked about oil costs skyrocketing to $100 a barrel. Industry experts and financial honchos dismissed his theories and brandished him “the $100 oil guy.” Newsflash! The current estimated price of one barrel of oil today is $115.5, which makes his subsequent predictions of $200/barrel in the near future even scarier.
While all sectors are experiencing the peak pinch, vehicle owners globally are the most affected. In the U.S, owners witnessed the highest gas peak on June fourteenth, retailing at $5.01 a gallon. The current $4.86 per gallon national average may seem like a welcome relief, but for many Americans, the July fourth Independence day (popular for road trips) will be a stay-at-home weekend – thanks to the cost of gas.

If you’ve been sneering at the gas counter every time you fill up, you are not alone. Everyone’s suffering from the peak, even your popular YouTuber. To vent his frustrations and also get a chance to show off his fleet of supercars, YouTuber James Lucas Condon, a.k.a TheStradman, filled up his entire fleet of cars.

In 2022, a regular family owns at most two cars. You have your standard minivan as the family carrier (now an SUV or crossover) and your daily driver. Condon isn’t just a regular guy. He’s a car vlogger with 3.75 million followers on the platform and has a total of about ten supercars.

The most efficient car on his driveway is a C8 Corvette that averages 19 mpg, and on the extreme end, his Jeep Gladiator 6x6, which averages seven mpg. According to the enthusiastic YouTuber, gas price in the State of Utah, at the time of publishing, was at $5.69 a gallon and set to increase the following day.

It cost him a total of $147.69 to fill up both his Lamborghini Urus ($84.11) and half a tank for the Ferrari 458 ($63.51). To fasten the process, he called up his friends and had each drive a supercar to the nearest gas station for a fill-up.

So, we gotta fill up every single car with 91 Octane. It’s $5.69 a gallon. Oh goodness. I don’t know if my credit card limit is actually going to work on this,” Condon exclaimed.

You are probably wondering how much he spent on each supercar. To find out, we recommend catching the action in the video below.

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