Forget About Wingsuit Flying, Parachute Snowmobiling Is the New Deal

Forget About Wingsuit Flying, Parachute Snowmobiling Is the New Deal 1 photo
Photo: StuntFreaksTeam on YouTube
We’ve heard about snowmobile skipping, it’s when people use the snow machine on tracks to hydroplane their sleds across lakes or rivers. This, believe it or not, is in fact possible. Then there are all the winter sports which we also find quite entertaining. But this weird creation is none of the above and might just be the start of a new sport.
No, it’s not drifting a Lamborghini Huracan in snow, waterboarding while being towed by a sportscar. Neither is this anything connected to a car, really. It's just snowmobile action here, fellows, but one that might make you wonder if these people are sain. Sure, races that involve these bikes on tracks specially designed for snow do exist, yet this isn’t about that either.

Long story short, these Swedish crazy heads thought lifting a snowmobile while it’s drifting off the side of a Swedish cliff is the next thing to do in winter sports. They claim they flew off while the parachute would fly them at 1.5 km in the sky (which is a little under one mile). Whether this is true or not, little can we do to find out, but we can tell you this, watching the video will give you the shivers.

The stunt, which was filmed in the Swedish Riskgransen mountains, has something to do with Tupla, the Finnish chocolate bar made by Leaf. Similar to Twix, the chocolate bar’s name comes from the fact that there are always two bars in a single wrapper (tupla means two). Unlike the famous American chocolate, however, the bars are placed end-to-end, not parallel.

There you go, it turns out you don’t have to be an energy drink maker like Monster or Red Bull to back up crazy stunts like that. Again, Scandinavian winter sports are impressive and worth taking notes of.

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