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Forget About Fearing Autonomous Cars and Start Fearing Autonomous Robots

It's not just Elon Musk's company that's been overly active lately, but Boston Dynamics as well. The once Google-owned robotics enterprise has released two clips in short succession, and while the first one was impressive, the second will simply "blow your mind out of your skull and into another dimension," to quote the same Elon Musk we mentioned earlier.
Boston Dynamics Atlas 7 photos
Boston Dynamics AtlasBoston Dynamics AtlasBoston Dynamics AtlasBoston Dynamics AtlasBoston Dynamics AtlasBoston Dynamics Atlas
His words weren't an exaggeration as the Tesla Semi and the surprise Tesla Roadster are truly mind-boggling vehicles, but they stand just as strongly in this context as well. If you've been following Bostin Dynamics over the past years, you'll know just how far they've taken human- and animal-like robots, but that still won't prepare you for this clip.

It shows the latest iteration of Atlas, the company's humanoid robot previously seen getting beaten with a long stick just to prove how well it can maintain its balance in just a fraction of a second. If there's ever an opening at the American Gladiators, Atlas will make a fine candidate.

And yet with every new clip they release, the guys at Boston Dynamics somehow manage to make things even scarier. There's no gore, no violence, no weapons or puppy cruelty - they don't need any of that. All they have to do is show Atlas performing the kind of tasks you don't want to see a robot do.

Let's face it, if they showed it doing the dishes, nobody would mind. Or, as an earlier version of SpotMini did, grabbing a beer from the fridge and bringing it to its master. That's what we want robots for. Instead, Bostin Dynamics chose to reveal Atlas as it goes through a short parkour course.

We don't know how heavy this robot is, but we don't imagine a hulk of metal can be too light. Yet despite that, it has no problem jumping up obstacles as high as its waistline. As for the finishing move... we'll just let you discover that one out. But be ready to have your mind blown - twice in less than 12 hours, thanks to Elon Musk and Boston Dynamics.


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