Forget about Back To The Future, AirBoard Is an Electric Segway that Flies

Forget about Back To The Future, AirBoard Is an Electric Segway that Flies 1 photo
Photo: Airboard on Indiegogo
Yes, a real life hoverboard is currently in development and researchers working on the project have already proved the principle works. They still need to figure out how to lose the platform without which it won’t function and make it stable enough. Meanwhile, however, there might be something better that will reach the market sooner and it’s called Airboard.
It’s a compact platform that will take off vertically, works on electric energy and was designed for personal use. Its creators were inspired by the Hiller Flying machine, formally dubbed Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee. The machine took its first flight back in 1957 and was a unique direct-lift rotor aircraft that used contra-rotating ducted fans for lift inside a platform upon which the single pilot shifted body weight for directional control.

AirBoard seems to be using the same principle, only it’s obviously based on 21st century technology, which means it’s a lot smaller - 180 cm in length and 150 cm high - and of course way more technologically advanced. According to its creators, they have started testing a smaller scale prototype last year and also managed to cut a deal with a manufacturing partner.

They do need the funds to develop the real thing and start shipping it which is why they are appealing to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. If everything works as planned, late this year the mass production of the Airboard will start.

There are not a lot of specs on its technological side, but it appears that we’re looking at a sort of flying Segway that is powered by electricity stored in batteries and that comes with a collision sensor which ensures constant height from the ground. In safety mode the flight attitude is limited to 1.5 meters, yet it’s still not clear on how fast the aircraft will be.

Feel free to check out more details in the video below or on their Indiegogo project.

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