Foreign Biker Stands Up to Driver after He Used Bike Lane in Beijing

Foreign Biker Stands Up to Driver after He Used Bike Lane in Beijing 1 photo
When this Chinese driver decided to skip traffic and drive his car on a bike lane in Beijing, things took quite an unexpected turn. Even though he almost made it to the end of the crowded road, at one point he met a foreigner who was legally riding his bike that simply would not allow the law to be broken.
Believe it or not but commuting by bike isn’t popular only in Western Europe, but also in China (we're just messing with you, we know you know). In fact it is that popular, that a lot of the crowded cities such as Beijing have bike lanes where only cyclists are supposed to ride. But, like in any other country in this world, rules are not always respected.

Everything would have turned out just fine for the punk, but he got unlucky enough to meet a foreigner who just wouldn't move away when he asked him to. After all, it was his legal right, as he probably told the driver of the car.

Problem is the man refused to go away and instead decided to stop and stay there until he’d turn his car around. One of the people passing by has photographed the whole scene taking place on the Yao Jia Yuan Road in Beijing and soon enough the incident became viral on social networks.

While some would praise the brave fellow, others commented he only got away with it because he was not Chinese. Since we stumbled upon this incident we were wondering what would you do?

PS: In urban areas, bicycles remain a common mode of transport, despite the increasing prevalence of automobiles – as of 2012, there are approximately 470 million bicycles in China.
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