Ford Will Sell Spare Parts For Other Brands, Its Dealers Will Service Them

Ford has announced an intriguing move today, which comes from its Customer Service Division.
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The name of the game is Omnicraft, which is the first new brand introduced by that division in 50 years. Ford fans know that parts for their cars are sold under the “Motorcraft” name, so this might seem like a rebranding to some of you, but it is unquestionably not.

Ford has figured out that it could sell parts for other brands at competitive prices, and that its dealer network can service all vehicle brands. With that in mind, the Blue Oval launched Omnicraft, which is a new name for replacement parts for all makes of non-Ford vehicles.

At first, Ford and Lincoln dealers in the will have access to the new brand, but it will eventually reach the entire network of the Blue Oval in the future. Currently, the catalog includes 1,500 parts numbers, but Ford plans to span 30 categories and 10,000 parts in its offering. They want to sell the most popular parts first, like oil filters, brake pads, brake rotors, starters, and alternators.

Servicing cars is big business, and Ford might have a new source of profit on its hands with this idea. The Blue Oval promises quality parts at competitive prices, so this sounds like the potential for a sweet deal if traditional suppliers do not meet your requirements.

Evidently, this refers to much more than customers of Mercury and Lincoln models, as Ford wants to grab a big part of the car parts business. If this sounds familiar in a way, the idea is not new, as General Motors formed a corporation named Automotive Components Group in 1994, which got renamed Delphi Automotive Systems in 1995.

Today, Delphi Automotive Systems is one of the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturers, but GM hasn't owned that company since 1999, when it became a fully independent corporation. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also has a parts division, which is named Mopar, but it does not manufacture or sell components for competing brands.

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